Sunday, 5 December 2010

Corrie's 'spectacular' 50th: Look out it's a bloody great tram

Well. You can take the producer out of Doctor Who but you can't take the Doctor Who out of the producer.

Coronation Street, ITV1's flagship soap, celebrates its 50th year this week, and, as the whole wide world  (ie, the programme's audience and people with "an interest" in such things) probably knows by now, there's going to be a great big almighty hoo-haa happening in the street with death and fire and drama and that.

Specifically, said hoo-haa involves a derailment of a tram onto the street, and its aftermath - including a special live (live!) episode on the Thursday - as the programme quite rightly celebrates its birthday in true attention-seeking style.

The show's executive producer is Phil Collinson, the former producer of, and partly responsible for, the successful rebirth of Doctor Who in 2005.


As the tram crash scenes were shot back in September, he told BBC News: "They will be the biggest, most spectacular episodes ever filmed.

"[Special effects company] The Mill are very used to creating memorable, spectacular, effects-driven television."
"The special effects work we'll do isn't just about crashing the tram. We're going to see Coronation Street in the context of the wider world.

"So we're going to have great big wide shots that show you the rest of Weatherfield. Life has begun and ended at the top and bottom of the street, but for the first time we're going to see the wider world."

So, to clarify: to mark the birthday in spectacular fashion, the spectacle will be realised in a spectacular fashion, spectacularly.

So that's not just a tram crashing off the viaduct, we also get to see "the rest of Weatherfield".

Now I know it's not Doctor Who, but with such clear Doctor Who connections - Phil himself, The Mill, and this week's Corrie director Graeme Harper - I'm secretly hoping for a ginormous alien space ship to abduct little Chesney or robotise that lady called Fizz, or or or maybe ex-EastEnder Jack Ryder can be beamed down and get talking to his ex-wife Kym Marsh and they reunite in some bizarre parallel world where soap fiction meets reality and where it never rains and then Kym will sing her hit song 'Cry' perhaps, with effects that turn the sky red, say.

Or it probably won't.

But Coronation Street - happy, happy birthday chuck.

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