Saturday, 30 April 2011

Eurovison: Blue's campaign trail - "We've been to Azerbaijan"

Everyone's favourite four piece pop/r'n'b-lite singin' and dancin'-about man-totty fun-combo - or Blue for short - are stepping up their pre-Eurovision campaign.

Their song, I Can, an ode to determination and self-belief (probably) is out on May 2 and the band themselves are in perky mood, as seen on Paul O'Grady's Friday night programme, two weeks ahead of the big day itself.

You'll recall, of course, how the band reformed 'especially' to represent the UK in the annual song competition, a contest we - that is to say, 'the UK' - hasn't won since 1997, and before that in 1981.

This year we've bypassed all the usual Song for Europe/Your Country Needs You nonsense (where viewers select our entry from four finalists, which last year gave us a candidate who came last which in a way is quite an achievement in itself).

Instead, the BBC has gone (probably), "We're havin' Blue," and Blue have, like, gone, "Ok, we've got a song, and it's called I Can, and it's like, appropriate?"

I imagine Lee probably said that bit.

They're a safe pair of hands though, Blue - they turned in a decent singin' and dancin' turn on Paul O'Grady - or rather the Friday Channel 4 programme in his name - complete with a live vocal, and Lee doing some high bits that he better bloody pull off on the night itself.

They also mentioned how they've been getting an "absolutely amazing" reaction promoting the single around Europe.

"It's been absolutely mental," added Antony, needlessly.

"We've been to Spain, Azerbaijan, Malta, Italy, Ukraine and Latvia."

Whether that amazing and mental reaction translates into votes for the UK from those countries and all of the others where they've turned up and sang their song, remains to be seen of course (it won't).

But, the song itself is a track that could happily sit in the top ten for a few weeks (ie it's not at all bad).

Of course, that doesn't make it a Eurovision winner, but the hope is that putting in an established act as our entry may make all the difference.

But at least we know Malta'll vote for us, because they always do. They love us, them Malteasers.

Er, the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is on May 14 anyway.

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