Saturday, 9 April 2011

Doctor Who trailer: this is quite exciting and momentarily diverting

It's the trailer for the new series of Doctor Who, but if you're a bit funny about very quick editing and flashy lights and that, perhaps you'd best click onwards, sad smiley, perhaps to here, maybe.

If you're a bit breathless after all that, Lord knows how you'll be when the series itself begins, on Saturday April 23.

Following the press screenings for the first two episodes, The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon, much of the internet, like here and here, has been talking about how dark and forbodin' the new series will be.

And most intriguingly, there's also lots of talk about how one of the main characters - the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song - will die in the first episode.

Who can it be? How will it happen? Will it be the Doctor and if so what will the programme do then? (But it probably won't be)

Production photos show the actors who play the Doctor, Amy and Rory making later episodes of the series, and as we saw River Song die in her first story, as she saved David Tennant's Doctor, it's anyone's guess.

Which is all a bit annoying/exciting really, all told.

But then of course that's the idea - it's a strategy to make you watch the programme, you see.

There are no flies on tv-ooh you know.

Whatever that means.

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