Thursday, 28 April 2011

William and Kate's royal wedding: a hunt for excitement

We are witnessing something of an international feeding frenzy at the mo, as every media outlet on Earth (probably) finds itself desperate to cover the wedding of the year/decade/century amid rapidly peaking enthusiasm.

Even the latest issue of Angler's Mail is at it (Royal wedding fishing boom!).

And quite right too, you might think. But many of those same media outlets are in a unique position of not actually having a lot to say - so actual excitement ahead of the big day itself is being found wherever it can, and if it's not genuinely exciting, let's try and make it exciting.

Jean from Essex, you've been camping out since Tuesday and had to go to A&E for advanced pneumonia you say? Goodness me! Wave your Union Jack flag again!

But one of the many time-filling highlights has been presenter Tim Willcox on the BBC News Channel valiantly trying to talk around a lingering shot of a parked truck containing the royal flowers... no oak trees... for the ceremony... to go inside the Abbey... Westminster Abbey... which will be carried off the lorry any minute now... we hope.

Elsewhere, some of the tv coverage has not been too unlike the comedy KY-TV, a BBC show from 1990 (1990!) that spoofed the awkward guests and amateur presentation of a fledgling UK satellite news channel...

Have a look at it's Royal Wedding special.

Best of luck Wills and Kate ;)

There's also a parts two and three if you wish.

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