Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Made in Chelsea: Episode 1 - 'a winner on the lustrous hair front'

So Made In Chelsea is here, and the world is still turning on its axis, which, when all is told, is a relief.

The seven girls and five guys that make up 'the cast' of the new E4 'dramatised reality show' are all as well-groomed and potentially annoying as you'd expect, but fortunately there seems to be some humour in evidence, something which the producers should immediately develop further.

If we can laugh when we watch - either at or with the characters, either'll do - then the show will have much more chance of catching on.

As a nation, us Brits never have much time for spoilt little rich kids - so the apparent wealth of the characters, or their champagne-heavy lifestyle or - probably most importantly - their posh accents, could easily alienate its intended audience, which presumably overlaps significantly with the fake tans, fake boobs and soapy relationships of the similar but much more down to earth reality show The Only Way Is Essex.

Early notables in Made in Chelsea include club promoter Olly - not only is he very excitable and full of love and kisses, but he has a lustrous mane of long black hair (although he revealed he's recently been worried about its 'volume' - I trust this plot line will be picked up later, for all our sakes).

Also, witness his response to girlfriend Gabriella, when, over dinner, she told him how crazy she is for him, before asking him how he feels about her.

"I really like you too," he said after an awkward pause. "God your eyelashes look AMAZING!"

'Potential prize plum'

Other guys also not being up front about how they feel about the women in their lives include potential prize plum Spencer.

On one hand he's got his live-in Brazilian girlfriend Funda, and on the other he's got singer songwriter and unfulfilled childhood sweetheart Caggie and he lies to the former so he can rush off and see the latter at her debut solo gig.

Worse still, Spencer hasn't yet learned to 'perform' in front of the cameras - so his awkwardness and verbal reticence in explaining himself to his girlfriend on the morning after make for cringe worthy viewing.

"I'm going for a run. So yeah."

Fascinating.... it isn't.

If you want to be a player, young Spencer with the inexplicable beardy thing, you need to get your story straight - otherwise audiences will tire of you and your idiot ways.

If he's meant to be the equivalent of the Mark Wright character in The Only Way is Essex, he has a long way to go.

But - on the plus side (!) - male model Fredrik has equally lustrous hair, and all of the girls in the show, even those with amusing names like Cheska and Binky, all have lustrous hair too, so, it's clear that for now, Made in Chelsea is a sure-fire winner on the lustrous hair front.

Everything else is still up for grabs, mind you, but in terms of lustrous hair - it's got it. Phew.

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  1. I thought it was rubbish but I luv rubbish!!!!