Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Made in Chelsea: Series 1 - a verdict *awkward pause, hair toss, pouty look*

Oh Made in Chelsea, you have television's most well-groomed cast with AMAZING HAIR and now you have completed your first series of ever-so light incident resulting from self-absorbed early-twenty something fun and frolics and angst and that.

Time for Champagne toasts in an all-white trouser suit at some sort of vague summer garden party held at a big country house then, yar?

We have all grown to, erm, watch the gang leading their staged and structured lives as they play with their hair a lot - but perhaps Made in Chelsea's biggest achievement is how the show has made the awkward pause and pouty silent look an art form all of its own.

In order to create the drama out of what we're told is 'structured reality' (ie real people doing set up things), moments of silence, as we see close up reaction shots, are edited into the end of scenes as the characters reflect and think about what they've just discussed.

And sometimes it feels like these silences go on for an age, just to try and crank up the tension - almost as long as one of Caggie's interminable acoustic 'numbers'.

So, depending on the character involved, the result is smirky looks (Spencer), supposedly charming smiles (Hugo); moments of woe and emotional despair (everyone at one time or another, but mainly Caggie, Millie, Funda, and Gabriella, who, by the way, does the LEAST CONVINCING 'I'm ok' face when she's clearly not ok); or general but unintentional hilarity (Ollie, Francis, and Mark Francis, the impossibly posh bilingual antique dealer twit).

Even more remarkably, the programme also features a character who seems unable to talk properly.

We're all for telly tackling important issues, but listening to rubbish entrepreneur Francis Boulle attempting something as ambitious as speaking can be quite taxing - for the audience.

His inability to create any sort of flowing collection of words that make sense - known as 'a sentence' - or make any kind of eye contact suggests that either a) he doesn't want to be involved in the show or b) his parents REALLY wasted the money they spent on his education.

Either way, maybe one day he'll develop more in the Hugh Grant mould he's presumably meant to be aping.

All told, though, Made in Chelsea you have been both dreadful and amazing, but we have liked you, and we hope you return.

And if you do, here are the pertinent questions we need answering:

Who or what is in New York that Caggie is returning to? Let's see New York!
Is Spencer always a bit drunk in most of his scenes or what?
And is he not actually really 30 rather than '22'?
Will Binky and Cheska ever get their own fella (each) (Binky in particular is coming across as particularly in need)?
Also, a few notes:
The whole Caggie/Spencer romance thing is boring
More posh twats doing posh nonsense PLEASE
Oh and let's have like a really haughty horsey girl who's like a total bitch?

That is all x

PS ooh the official site says series two will air later this year. Yay!

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