Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oh, Pam St Clement (Pat in EastEnders): What are your post-soap options?

A job on a soap is like the showbiz equivalent of a job with the council: people tend to stay for years, having quickly become used to the routine and the regular money.

But it doesn't go on forever - and the fact that actress Pam St Clement - her off EastEnders - has described her decision to leave the programme after 25 years as "like a bereavement" suggests she's never experienced the death of a loved one, or that her job means a huge amount to her.

I think we can assume it's the latter.

But what of her options? What next for the lady who played Pat Harris/Beale/Wicks/Butcher/Evans and her famous earrings, which look like the heavy type that may one day result in droopy lobes?

She does panto
A favoured route for many ex-soapies. You can, apparently, "clean up" with a two month spell in Aladdin in Peterborough, so handsome are the rewards for working over Christmas in a provincial theatre with an X-Factor runner up.
Likelihood for PstC: 2/10

She releases a single
PstC re-invents herself, at the age of 69, as a Gaga/Britney hybrid, recording a record with Gaga producers RedOne, and shooting a raunchy video in a dry-ice filled warehouse somewhere, surrounded by a flux of dancers gyratin' to the oh so pumpin' beat. It would be called "I wanna" and part of the title would be in brackets - something like "(do it now cos I likes it)". Only PstC would call them "parentheses" as she's posh in real life.
Likelihood for PstC: 2/10 (if only!)

She does a one-woman show
A popular choice for certain actresses released from telly shows, eager to 'tread the boards' and get back to performing in front of a live audience, this could happen - possibly.
Likelihood for PstC: 5/10

She disappears to a cottage in Suffolk with a long term life partner called Wendy or Angela
Self-explanatory - she needs a rest after all. Twenty-five years in EastEnders would knacker anyone.
Likelihood for PstC: Little is known of PstC's personal life, so who knows. I bet she likes gardening though.

She endorses gambling
See former EastEnder's colleague Barbara Windsor and her online bingo ads where she's dressed up as some sort of Fairy Godmother. Fine for Babs, but for Pam? We can't see it somehow.
Likelihood for PstC: 0/10

The verdict
Simply, we do not know at this time. (Although an interesting piece on the Daily Mirror website suggests she wants to travel.)

Only time itself, and the hope that she has a good agent, will reveal the true path of Pam St Clement's professional future after her departure from EastEnders.

Either way, tv-ooh salutes you, ma'am, and your dedicated service to television drama, loudly patterned dresses, droopy earrings, and authentic cockney accents (as she's posh in real life you know).

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  1. At Birmingham they had Stephen Hawking, at Kings they had Ricky Gervais. I however, am proud to say Pam was the only famous person to go to my chosen University.

    Her picture was always on page 2 of the prospectus.

    I hope her departure from Eastenders doesn't mean that the University Of Plymouth has to abandon its only claim to career success.