Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother: Not all celebrities, but good to have it back (sort of)

When you go to the trouble of putting in a fiver for someone's leaving present at work, it's a bit galling to have them turn up again barely a year later, as if their departure never happened.

And so with Big Brother - back like it never left but now on Channel 5 - all that fuss about it finishing last year "for good" seems a bit hollow, like the short-lived careers of so many former contestants.

Wisely, Channel 5 have kept the same format for this revival, the same Geordie voice over man, the same everything - although Davina and her "is she having a fit or just quite excited" presenting style is replaced by Brian "Towling" Dowling, doing his best to settle in quickly but still a bit "rabbit in the headlights", probably unable to believe his luck.

And as for the celebrities themselves - a three week version with "well known faces" precedes a "regular" version - few of them really qualify.

It's proving to be fun though.

Notables so far include Amy Childs (from The Only Way is Essex). How many times will she refer to her "vaj" or "min" or talk about her enhanced boobs, or say "jel" (as in "jealous"), as if to say, "I've got a catchphrase everyone!".

And how much longer will twin virgin eunuchs Jedward bother to both get dressed identically and immaculately?

But when Celebrity Big Brother comes alive is when we eavesdrop on the better-known housemates talking about events in their own lives that we've heard about, like a real life version of a Heat magazine interview.

So genuinely endearing but gobby semi-fatal car crash Kerry Katona - talking about her well-publicised problems quite openly - is the only housemate to actually give us (and the hundreds of viewers of her now axed ITV2 programme) the fix of celebrity tittle-tattle the title promises.

The others, well, if they're not very well known now, their profiles are likely to raise further by the end of it, as we get to know the cast better.

So it's business as usual really.

Celebrity Big Brother: Welcome back, you old tart.

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