Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nighty Night: Series 3 may be coming; good news for fans of the demented

There's always room on television for the demented - after all, most of us know one or two, if we're not demented ourselves.

So news that the BBC's "dark" sitcom Nighty Night may be returning is probably quite cheering - assuming our anti-demented medication allows us to feel anything anymore - because no-one is as demented as Jill Tyrell.

Manipulative and deluded, the self-absorbed sociopath Jill was at the programme's dark, icy heart, and was intent on her endless pursuit of another woman's husband at any cost.

Angus Deayton, who played the subject of Jill's passion, Don, has told The Sun's Buzz magazine that writer and creator Julia Davis - later to appear as Dawn in Gavin and Stacey - has had "an idea" for a third series, which she is currently working on.

Julia Davis played Jill for two six-part series from 2005, in which she faked her husband's death, murdered her husband, poisoned a vicar, tried to seduce a schoolboy, and rearranged the face of a teenage rival - and all while pursuing Don in front of his chronically-polite wife Cath.

The she disappeared off a cliff and into a speedboat.

There's more clips on the BBC Worldwide Nighty Night YouTube page (except they call them "channels". Tsk)

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