Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Seven Dwarves: Stuck in panto when you want to be Robert De Niro

It must be frustrating having both dwarfism and ambitions of a serious acting career - you're going to forever be on your tiptoes peering over the fence, so to speak.

And as Max said - he's one of the seven dwarves in the Channel 4 programme of the same name - one in ten people who see him in the street comment on his size.

So if you're a dwarf you don't even have to sign up to panto to be laughed at.

Stuck with only roles as dwarves in pantomime, when really you'd fancy a beefy part in a Law and Order, you're going to worry about typecasting, as many actors of regular height do too.

It's especially a problem for Max, cast as Grumbly in Snow White in Woking, aged 31 and 4' 2" in height - and for his sister too.

"It's not acting acting is it," said Max's sister.

"Well it is. I'm playing a part that's in the name of it. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I'm one of the dwarves."

You have to admire his ambition - and his hope that a part in something called My Fat Gypsy Gangster is going to improve his career prosepcts.

Max is one of seven actors in the panto playing the dwarves, and who are also sharing a house, in a kind of Big Brother-style programme, only it's being called "a documentary".

But arguably the whole thing seems to trade on that same curiosity that makes those strangers in the street want to comment.

But then on the other hand, once the novelty subsides, it might make us see the people with dwarfism for what they are - regular people just like any one else.

Or at least any one else who fancies making a tit of themselves in panto dancing around a bossy house-proud princess with an evil step-mother. What's she got?

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