Thursday, 8 September 2011

Made in Chelsea is back on September 19 and with five new cast members who look like this

Made in Chelsea is back for a new series on E4 from September 19 and joining the so-called cast will be a bunch of new so-called characters, who will all contribute to the so-called drama.

And, if truth be told, tv-ooh cannot wait for it to start. Here, then, is what is known about them "to date".

New cast members - key points:

1. There are five of them
2. Several of them have "previous" with current cast members
3. One of them's all a bit double-barrelled name-wise but without the hyphen

New cast members - names and other essential information:

Victoria Baker Harber, 22, half British, half Fijian. She owns lots of shoes. Apparently she can't be nice to people if she doesn't like them. That's her on the left in the photo above, sitting the wrong way in the chair like that. She'll never get comfortable. But it's good to see she is maintaining the Made in Chelsea tradition of amazing hair. Although it looks a bit too high-main for tv-ooh.

Ollie Proudlock, 24, and "a party lover". Is there room for another Ollie in the show? Can you trust someone with a name like Proudlock? So many questions already. He's in the billowy red shirt sitting next to Victoria. Probably on the arm of that same chair, so he can't be comfortable either. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Ollie is a friend of Spencer from Eaton - tv-ooh is seriously cooling to him now - and Ollie has also dated Caggie.

Chloe Green, 20, is dating original cast member and tv-ooh favourite Ollie "great hair" Locke, and has a dad who runs Burtons or something. She went to school in Monte Carlo which must have been nice for her. Apparently she knows most of the cast already and is "excited" about "giving it a try" (ie joining the programme). She's in the middle of the photo above and is the one "owning" the mantlepiece.  How does the mantlepiece feel about this? Will the mantlepiece feature in the show in some way? We do not know at this stage.

Candle and candle stick, age unknown. Rumoured to be a replacement for Spencer. Ho ho.

Louise Thompson, 21, is a student at Edinburgh University, but from London originally. She's "best friends" with current cast member Rosie and has dated prize plum and dating-goon Spencer for six months. Louise and Spencer have, apparently, "rekindled their romance this summer". Not great news for Caggie, assuming she didn't go to New York at the end of series one, that is. Louise has also dated Francis. We just hope that chandelier above her head is safely secured to the ceiling otherwise Louise ain't dating nobody. Can someone call props?

Jamie Laing, 22. He has a family who are big in biscuits (ie they're involved with the McVitie's biscuit company). Apparently Jamie "loves to have fun" especially in places like Berlin, St Tropez and New York. How jet-set. He's wearing all black in the photo above which means he is "serious" but his blond hair tells us the opposite. Oh the contrasts! More importantly, he looks the most comfortably positioned of all five which may suggest he'll be the most popular. Then again it's quite simply still all to play for at this early stage.

New cast members - in summary:

More of the same.

That picture again:

New members of the cast of Made in Chelsea. Series two begins September 19 (pic: Channel 4/E4)
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  1. top notch writing skills here. witty yet inciteful. really enjoyed this

  2. Thank you anonymous, that's very nice of you to say so. Looking forward to the new series - due 'in the Spring' apparently!

  3. Hmmm I'm not so sure.. bit silly to be honest and not particularly 'witty' as attempted. Could be great though!

  4. Ha ha fair enough - not sure what I was attempting, but thanks for your comment all the same!