Friday, 2 September 2011

Watching too much Danish crime drama is like really bumming me out, man

As much as tv-ooh is enjoying the BBC Four repeat of the original Danish version of The Killing, watching four episodes of grimly gripping murder mystery per week isn't all that cheering, truth be told.

Of course, we know it's brilliant and involving and the recipient of bouquets and solemn but approving nods from people who know about Good Television, but as August departs us and September arrives (hiya!), tv-ooh is almost looking forward to the show finishing, so the tv sun can shine again.

We are now on episode 10 of 20 - so half way - and about to overtake the point at which the US version (showing on Channel 4) is at.

And, as discussed here on tv-ooh previously (well, blithely skirted around), there were 20 one hour episodes in the original, and only 13 'US tv one hour' (ie 50 minutes) episodes in the remake, so it's interesting to see the differences as both series chug along.

Which also means the US version has roughly seven episodes' worth of less material.

Not that you'd notice though - let's face it, no-one's going to miss that dry-rot subplot.

But the important thing is that both series are as good as each other, and you can enjoy both without any knowledge of the other - and if anything it's probably much, much kinder to your brain.

Just try following them both at the same time - that's a challenge all in itself.

'This dialogue's not very clear.'

'Oh it's Danish.'

Or, 'Where are the subtitles?'

'Oh it's the US version. We don't need them.'

Or, 'I didn't think Sarah had a mother.'

'Oh it's that unspecified family friend with the boat.'

Perhaps, then, there should be an end-credits voiceover offering a phone number which we can call for support.

Or where we can get some of that ever-present knitwear.

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