Monday, 10 October 2011

God almighty it's times like this I wish I had Sky

Pop band Steps - famous for relentlessly chirpy pop songs and dance moves you might do in the shower if you happen to take showers while drunk - are doing some sort of reunion programme thing on a satellite channel called Sky Living.

The idea is that they've all got together again ten years after their 'amicable' (but actually quite acrimonious) split and spend time talking about how much fun they had but like also about the pressures of being in a really popular and successful pop band?

The deal is that Sky Living is probably paying them a few hundred pounds each for their trouble, in lieu of other work, and there's also a greatest hits album on the cards as well as a tour next year.

To be honest, tv-ooh isn't sure because tv-ooh hasn't seen it.

But what tv-ooh has seen is the five of them performing live for the first time in ten years, on This Morning this morning - a mixture of nostalgia, delight, amusement and SHEER HORROR.

Watch it again and again and again and marvel at Lisa Scott Lee's BELLOWING while operating a hand fan. Is she also going to the loo at the same time as singing? Either way she looks very excited.

So are they all now the best of friends again? Why are H's trousers such a peculiar colour? Why does Claire look a bit uncomfortable?

We just can't possibly know.

Tv-ooh wants Sky Living.

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