Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Key points from an interview by The Culture Show with the lady in the jumper* from The Killing (*Sofie Grabol)

Sofie Grabol, interviewed by "best selling crime writer Val McDermid" for the BBC's show about culture and that (called The Culture Show), has said some interesting things about her job on The Killing ahead of the start of season two.

You can watch the interview on BBC iPlayer but it's only availble until 7.58pm on 28 October 2011.
Here are some of the interesting things she said in the interview.

Sofie on how she got the part: Sofie says that she had worked with the writer and producer of The Killing before, on another television series. Sofie says they phoned her like a year before with a loose idea of a crime story? They wanted one murder and a female investigator.

Sofie on the character of Sarah Lund: Sofie says that as an actor you're always looking for a challenge and to go somewhere you haven't been before. Sofie says that up until that point, she had played very emotional characters, who were often crying and shouting a lot. Sofie says she remembers in that first meeting about The Killing that she said she would like to play someone who doesn't communicate very much. Sofie says she found this very difficult to play at first.

Sofie doesn't know what it is with that jumper: Sofie says there have been times when she felt the jumper was wearing her [rather than the other way around]. Sofie says, at the start of the production process, they were not looking for a woman in a suit. Sofie just spotted that jumper and she felt that that was it.

Sofie on the second season, to start on BBC Four in November: Sofie says it's more complicated [than season one], it's shorter, has less episodes [ten compared to 20 last time]. Sofie says the first season was a small story about one family, but in the second season the story is lifted up and deals with politics and what war does to people. 

Season two is set in Denmark and also Afghanistan but Sofie says she didn't film in Afghanisation. Sofie says they went to Spain to film the Afghanistan scenes and that it was very hot in the jumper.

Questions not asked by The Culture Show:
1. What do you think of/have you seen the US version?
2. Will there be a season three?
3. Are you surprised at the huge international success of the show?
4. Would you like to work in the UK, say?

In summary, the first British television interview tv-ooh has seen with Sofie Grabol from The Killing was actually pretty good, if a bit short but hey it's a magazine format and you can't go on too long in a magazine format, what do we think this is, blooming Piers Morgan Life Stories or something.

However, we STRONGLY ADVISE clicking on this link to view it on iPlayer while you can to watch it for yourself, cheers.

Oh. Tv-ooh has just remembered the existence of YouTube.

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