Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Made in Chelsea series 2 episode 6 - Binky and Cheska: Do we call them Bheska? Or Chinky? Or what?

Right, stop everything everyone.

The "guys" in Made in Chelsea need to start watching Made in Chelsea and fast, tv-ooh has decided, because at the moment there seems to be gaps in the plot which the audience are expected to fill in.

1. When did Binky and Cheska's falling out become so serious?

It started about three episodes ago with the former missing the latter's dinner party to go out with other friends, but now the tension has escalated and become about something else.

Suddenly, we hear Cheska saying Binky isn't supporting her, when really they should be united over the fact they both possess ridiculously daft names.

So now, the two once-inseparable best friends aren't speaking to each other and are confiding in others.
Binky, sporting the evening-dress-with-muddied-purple-wellington-boots look:
like really popular in the Royal Borough right now yeah?

It's interesting to mix things up and put different characters together in scenes - for example, who wouldn't want to see Binky advising Spencer on his choice of jazzy shirt purchase as it's clearly tv gold - but let's also recognise this for the COMPLETE NONSENSE that it is.

In real life Cheska and Binky would have made up by now, but instead the whole thing's been stretched out to make Stuff For Us To Watch.

The petition to re-unite Bheska (or perhaps Chinky?) starts here. Those endless scenes on Ollie's roof terrace talking about their plans for a night out or unusual methods of body grooming need to be reinstated, and immediately.

2. Who was this "friend" of Millie's that Hugo cheated on her with?

Have we been told? Is it Millie's friend Rosie?

The continuous cut-aways of Rosie's wide-eyed blank expressions as Millie talks about Hugo's betrayal suggests so; but in the "next episode" clips we see Rosie telling Hugo that Millie cheated on him. The fall out from that'll be fun, if you like that kind of thing.

3. Everything else

- Caggie is still permanently pouting: tv-ooh half expects a tiny bubble to be blown from her lips at any moment, like a mini benevolent volcano on a face.

- And cranking up the tedious Spencer/Caggie will they/won't they plot-line again is another spin on the merry-go-round we'll give a miss, cheers.

- When Gabriella tried to comfort her ex Ollie after his split with new girlfriend Chloe, but he was shockingly horrible to her while sitting on a bench during a cricket game, where did all that anger come from? Where were the Ollie-patented quips and hair flicks? HE WAS SO COLD.

- And Mark Francis - living in a £10m town house he's calling a tip due to the ongoing absence of his housekeeper - is continuing to vie for the most hilarious character, along with Francis.

In summary, none of it matters, but as an hour of life to fill, and as something full of intentional and unintentional comedy, Made in Chelsea has it.

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