Monday, 3 October 2011

When Spooks finishes, can everyone PLEASE take some holiday please, thanks

Oh for a mundane day in the Spooks office.

A day when Sue on reception brings in cakes because it's her birthday; angry Louise from Accounts is happy as she's lost four ounces and is celebrating with a Walnut Whip; or manager Tom is running late because he discovered his wife's a lesbian on the weekend and is kicking himself for not noticing her radically short hairstyle as a possible sign.

Y'know - a normal office, where the job almost takes second place behind the lives of the people who work there.

But not in the Spooks office - it's all international terror threats this, nuclear scares that, and Ruth looking sombre as she goes through one of her hi-tech powerpoints on the plasma while dressed in one of her 24 identical black suits.

"This man was on the flight," Ruth says of a suspect, barely showing the tiredness caused by the 13 hours it probably took her to put together the whizzy graphics she's now showing to her stern-faced colleagues.

But what's this - there's more exposition masquerading as almost unsayable dialogue.

"Passport in the name of Matthew Wilkinson, but his name is John Douglas Grier - Jonny.

"Hard-line anarchist and anti-capitalist. Numerous convictions for violent offences. He planned a major bombing campaign against industrialists in Germany in 2002."

You wonder if Ruth actress Nicola Walker is longing for a part in a sitcom before her facial muscles no longer remember how to smile.

Elsewhere, Dimitri's pretending to be an estate agent called Ryan who is dating the sister of a terror suspect as a way to get to him, while the investigation into the murder of poor young Data Analyst Tariq has to be paused due to a nuclear threat. No card, no collection, no nothing.

It's clearly a tough old life working as a spook in Spooks. When do they take lunch? When do they check their Facebook? Is the Christmas do not a total nightmare?

And perhaps more importantly, is keeping a stern expression permanently installed on your own face a huge risk to health?

Clearly, we can only speculate - what with Spooks being a drama progamme chiefly designed to entertain and all that.

And this last series is as slick and gripping as ever - and the spooks in Spooks, all five of them, fighting international terror they are with their mobile phones and fast cars and jazzed up Macs, will be missed.

Now, spooks in Spooks - you all go and use up some of that leave you've accumulated.

Crazy terrorism plots by people with Russian accents or a beef against industrialism can wait.

Let The One Show do it - Dom Littlewood would sort it out in a morning.

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