Sunday, 6 November 2011

Chronic X Factor Fatique Syndrome is here, but less so on the Sunday

If tabloid reports about falling X Factor ratings are true, the reasons behind it seem pretty clear.

We're all a bit tired. Whether those reports about spats between the judges, or about Frankie's hair getting ever more wild, are true or false, it doesn't really matter.

Added to that, the contestants just aren't that memorable, and the ones that are memorable, aren't that good at the singing bit.

The natural conclusion of this is that we can only be a year or two away from actually not having any singing on The X Factor at all; instead the thing becomes only about indeterminate qualities like "charisma", "charm" and, possibly, amazing hair or very tight trousers.

Which is a new take on the expression "the whole package".

In other words, although the new judges are pretty good, "viral infections" aside Kelly, the contestants, on the most part, just aren't up to it. That's not to say there isn't some strong singing talent there, because there is.

It's just that the audience don't really seem that bothered anymore, no matter how many times the contestants "give 110% per cent".

And if those same tabloid reports about falling X Factor ratings are true, then it's also true that the Sunday night programme fares better in the ratings than the Saturday show - and the reasons behind that seem pretty clear too.

It's because we like to see who's going to leave the competition, and the drawn-out results process is the only moment of semi-genuine tension in the whole darn-tooting shebang.

And, perhaps more significantly, the Sunday night show is the only regular opportunity a mainstream family audience get to see big-name pop acts, and Nicole Scherzinger, perform live on a major tv channel.

These days that's a genuine tv treat.

So essentially, what tv-ooh is saying is, bring back Top of the Pops.

Bit surprised about The Risk going home though, and the judges were always going to keep cry-baby Kitty over man-child eunuch Jonny because Kitty's basically good tabloid fodder and people find her annoying what with her sub-Lady Gaga schtick and that, which would marginally ensure a slightly less-limited music career afterwards. And actually, Jonny's got panto written all over him. THANK GOD FOR THAT.


Oh well.

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