Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Doctor Who movie: an appeal for calm at this confusing time

Calm down everyone. Yes, you with your model K-9. You with your Trial of a Time Lord TARDIS tin. Oh and you too with the burgundy final season Tom Baker scarf.

Despite reports of a new Doctor Who film being in development, those same reports are also emphasising how the film is highly unlikely to emerge for a good three years or so - not least because the budgets required to shoot in deep space are considered much too big for these cash strapped times.

Organising the catering alone is a total nightmare.

But flippant half-gags aside, talk of a Doctor Who film (or 'movie' if you're stateside) is really nothing new.

There have been attempts before, where random actors like David Hasslehoff and other random actors like that, have been linked to the part.

And then it all blows over.

So while these reports seem more credible than any before - originating from the US website Variety - and what with the involvement of Harry Potter director David Yates and BBC Worldwide big-cheese Jane Tranter, let's not get all carried away eh?

We know, don't we, that many fans everywhere will begin to worry about the so-called 'Americanisation' of the 'essentially British' Doctor, others may fret about continuity, while some might revel in the speculation about who could actually play the Doctor, the companion, the Daleks, the Master etc etc etc until until until until SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION WITH LOUD EXPLOSION NOISE DUBBED ON AFTERWARDS.

To that tv-ooh says this: let's all take a deep breath and BREATHE.

All we know at this stage is that any movie would be a "radical transformation" and there are no scripts, no cast, no crew, no nothing.

And actually, more pertinently - given that this is tv-ooh and not film-ooh or, I don't know, flipping blinkin' movie-ooh - the question should be: how would a new movie affect the British TV series?

Could there be a successful Hollywood franchise running alongside an effectively unrelated 13 part series made by BBC Wales?

By that time, the BBC Wales series might be due a rest, so the answer, basically, could be a no - which would really give us fans something to worry about.

Don't forget, it's very early days, and this sort of speculation - the exact same fan-led speculation tv-ooh is gently and affectionately mocking - is unhelpful but, equally and understandably, irresistible.

So then, if nothing else, remember this - the world, as indeed our favourite Time Lord, moves in mysterious ways.

And think on this: if a Doctor Who movie franchsise does take off - imagine the new merchandise opportunities!

That life-size Vervoid costume could now only be years away.

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  1. I think if there is a film made of Doctor Who they should redesign the Daleks - perhaps make them look like a cross between a Fiat 500 and a Teletubbie! It sounds rubbish and it is! Oh. Hang about...

  2. If there is a Doctor Who film made I hope it doesn't usurp the TV show.

    I'm still in shock at such an idea.

    I think I'll calm myself down by re-watching my VHS of The Chase in my 30th Anniversary Dalek tin.

    I may have a play with my slightly scuffed Dapol console set as well.

    Everything will be alright. Won't it?

  3. Thank you 'Sydney Newman'. I trust you are taking this seriously ;)