Saturday, 5 November 2011

Only on Sky News: St Paul's demonstrators compared to Nazi occupation of France

Interesting piece of video footage going around the web at the mo, in which Sky News journalist Adam Boulton "interviews" one of the anti-capitalist demonstrators, Phil McKeenan, outside St. Paul's Cathedral.

Tv-ooh has no strong views about the people demonstrating, but would argue for their right to do so. Isn't protesting against capitalism essentially just arguing against shopping? Or is that an over-simplification?

But what tv-ooh does have strong views about is Proper Journalism - in the sense that an interview should be factual, balanced, fair and useful - but this interview basically becomes three minutes and 40 seconds of Boulton barracking McKeenan about the latter not sleeping in his tent on the site of the protest every night.

Boulton and his co-presenter are arguably right to highlight it of course - even if Boulton does labour the point and then also appears to misunderstand the whole idea of democracy - but then he draws a comparison to the occupation of St Paul's to the Nazi occupation of France in World War II.

Oh dear.


  1. Adam Boulton is an enigma. Sky News is great for just looking at the news-reader bimbos if the actual news is a bit dull. Burley is the fiery female head of the news-brothel keeping the young-uns in check, but where does Boulton (and that other old guy) fit in?

  2. Not sure Bob, but pertinent points raised well. Could Boulton be the sort of alpha male 'news-bear' type? Prone to putting his feet up on his desk in the newswroom and frequently a bit grizzly in mood, and not keen on letting go of his prey (ie interviewees) once he's got someone in his jaws, even if he gets fed up half way through. The only thing to stop him is with a tranquilzer (ie an ad break)? Er yeah. Y'know, just guessing.