Friday, 4 November 2011

The Slap episode two review - Anouk: It was good; we liked it

Episode two of The Slap took the new eight-part Australian drama in a surprising direction and didn't, as apparently mis-reported everywhere, tell the same story leading up to the slap but from the perspective of a different character.

Instead it continued the story, but from the perspective of a different character.

So where episode one focused on Hector's 40th birthday barbecue, which lead to his cousin Harry slapping the four-year-old son of Hector's wife's friend Rosie (keep up!), episode two picked up the story of another guest, Anouk, at that same barbecue.

The character of Anouk (Essie Davis) isn't anyone we've not met before in TV drama - she's the successful but child-free careerist: in this case a very late-thirties over-worked script producer on an Aussie soap with a tyrant boss (cast as Scottish!), complete with a stylish house she's sharing with her lover, the much younger and frisky Rhys, who is an actor on the soap she works on.

Anouk also has a mother with cancer that she should probably pay more attention to, and we now know Rosie and Aisha (Hector's wife) have been her closest friends since childhood, and that Anouk wants to write a novel and be A Writer.

The Slap's format is a bit like Shameless creator Paul Abbott's factory drama Clocking Off - an ensemble cast you see regularly but a different character is foregrounded each week where we hear their own story, but they also play their part in an overall story arc too.

But here in The Slap this format feels original and new again, which could be due more to The Slap's novel origins, or perhaps because we don't see much Serious Drama from Australia (and the fact that Anouk works on a Neighbours-type soap is officially a Nice Touch. Oh tv-ooh is starting to give things Title Caps for no reason.)

The other reason could be that it's absorbing acting and an engaging story fantastically told.

Considering tv-ooh nearly didn't bother to come back for episode two - it was Southland on More4 you see - tv-ooh is very glad tv-ooh did.

One to watch, definitely.

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  1. How do you watch the first four episodes on the i player catch up? There is only part four and I just found out about this series and I wanted to see it from the beginning. Anyone have any idea. Thanks.

  2. If you are in the UK, go to, search for the slap in the search box and then all the episodes should come up. Then click on the one you want to watch. Or paste this address into your internet address window: your