Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Who, exactly, cares who the presenters of Daybreak are...

...apart from the presenters of Daybreak themselves?

You see, tv-ooh only asks because tv-ooh has been reading all the gleeful newspaper reports about the apparent sacking of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley.

In case you're not up to speed, the pair, who, you may remember, were 'poached' from BBC One's 7pm 'random reports and guests' soup The One Show for millions of pounds last year to join ITV1's GMTV replacement, but then were constantly criticised - by those newspapers again! - for how few viewers they were apparently winning.

'A million less than the BBC,' said one.

You'd think that people were actually interested.

But everyone's missing a trick: if the pair of them are so bad at their job, then isn't this good news all around - not least for Chiles and Bleakley.

We won't have to watch them, and they'll both get to have a lie-in now. Who doesn't like a lie-in?

'Actually pretty good at the lighter stuff'

What with their ITV contracts still being legally binding and all, probably, it looks like Bleakley's off to do Dancing on Ice and Chiles gets to keep his other programme about football and that one he does on a Sunday night that tv-ooh has never seen.

And actually, although Bleakley did often look uncomfortable when doing serious news-based interviews with her empty eyes but quite frankly amazing hair, she's pretty good at the lighter stuff - give her an axed X Factor contestant or The Wanted and she's as happy as can be.

You only have to see how some of the Daybreak news reporters struggle when they stand-in for her to see how easy she makes it look.

Everyone's favourite curmudgeon

While Chiles, well, he's everyone's favourite curmudgeon but with an acutely trained journalistic instinct, like a sort of news sniper or some other vaguely-military comparison like that, despite being unable to sit in a way that never looks like he's entirely comfortable. Think of your coccyx man!

In many ways the pair were doomed from the start with their big money transfers and becoming the public face of a brand new programme, but actually tv-ooh never really objected to them at all, and found them both rather watchable, all told - certainly more so than when they were both on The One Show.

And let's also remember that Daybreak is a hundred times better than what it replaced, despite the genuinely dreadful money-making minor-celebrity-endorsed phone-in competitions every ten minutes.

Despite its knockers, Daybreak is a reasonably convincing alternative to the sometimes dry and serious Breakfast: the BBC One choice is good with the straight news but there's often too many random 'lives' from gurning reporters in schools in Durham or on beaches in Devon in the dark where we hear about 'real concern' or, tv-ooh's favourite, 'growing concern' - used as an excuse to turn a vague story idea into something topical to create a reason to do the piece.

But what does tv-ooh know anyway? The editor from Breakfast's on his way to Daybreak in January so who knows what's going to happen next - it's said there's a statement due at the start of December.

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