Monday, 19 December 2011

AMAZEBALLS*! How much is tv-ooh looking forward to Christmas?

That, readers, is what is known in the trade as a 'rhetorical' question, ie a question that does not expect an answer because the meaning is all but given in the question.

But say tv-ooh did expect an answer, say that the question's answer wasn't so clear in its asking, then surely the answer would be something like QUITE A BLOOMIN' WELL LOT THANKS FOR ASKING CHEERS EVERYONE because, birth of the baby b'Jaysus aside, tv-ooh loves the Christmas.

And you know why don't you? BECAUSE THERE'S LOTS OF AMAZING TELLY ON.

Tv-ooh is now unavailable for several hours as tv-ooh is about to get a pen and this:

and circle or asterisk programmes of note that tv-ooh may want to watch during the festive period while one hand is buried deep in a large tin of Quality Street, the other in a tin of Roses.

Tv-ooh may be sometime.

Do you know, it could be the copious amounts of mulled wine talking, but tv-ooh is feeling quite Christmassy. 'Quite' is as far as tv-ooh will go, mind you.

*Amazeballs! Where on earth did that word come from anyway? (Some thoughts on that, here) Is tv-ooh some sort of teenage girl all of a sudden? No tv-ooh is not.

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