Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011: Idle speculation and excitable conjecture; a trailer

It's Christmas, therefore it must be the Doctor in Doctor Who.

We've only had regular Christmas specials of Doctor Who since Christmas 2005 but it feels like a tradition that we've always had, like pulling a cracker or drinking too much Baileys until you hear yourself say things like, 'Actually, Downton Abbey's really quite gripping isn't it?'

The title of the Doctor Who Christmas special is The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe which we are told is a 'pastiche' on another book (yes, yes I know) much like last year's A Christmas Carol was a 'pastiche' of the Dickens' book of the same name.

We know that writer and executive producer Steven Moffat is a self-confessed fan of giving his episodes what he describes as 'slutty' titles, by which he basically means 'attention-grabbing'. And while all that's very effective and good for those people who don't normally watch the show and so can see the title as a sort of short-hand and an easy 'way in' to an unfamiliar series, it's not quite as straightforward as calling the episode, I don't know, say, 'The Doctor saves some kids in World War II in Dorset from an alien and grapples with the human emotions of a woman whose husband has died at some point before the adventure began and also there's a forest at night involved somewhere as well as a wardrobe in it of some description plus some cutesy stuff with two kiddies as well', which basically seems to be what's going to happen, but that is just idle speculation based on photographs.

So, The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe it is, then.

Unless - thinking about the wardrobe here, rather than the widow - that title may also suggest there's some sort of bizarre cross-dressing trans-dimensional interplay going on, via said wardrobe. Or not.

Fortunately for everyone, Steven Moffat knows what he's doing, so there's probably no need for any alarm whatsoever.

That's alright then.

Let's watch the trailer.

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