Friday, 9 December 2011

The Slap episode seven review - Aisha: Another part of the jigsaw

Another part of the jigsaw clicks into place in episode 7 of The Slap, as attention turned to Sophie Okonedo's Aisha.

We know now that Harry, who is Aisha's husband Hector's cousin (the guy who slapped the four-year-old Hugo back in episode one) once broke his wife's jaw.

Aisha had known all along, but through family loyalty had kept it from Hugo's mother Rosie, who is one of her oldest friends.

So Rosie is furious when Aisha decides to confess to her during their first meeting since Rosie's court action against Harry, in which information about Rosie Aisha had previously shared with her family was used against Rosie in court.

It seems an odd decision for Aisha - who argued it wouldn't have changed the case because Harry's wife would have denied it, and also because Rosie appeared to finally be moving forward.

Guilty secrets

But perhaps Aisha's motivation matched that of Hector, when he too made his own confession earlier - telling Aisha, during an anniversary weekend up on the Gold Coast, about his brief affair.

They both unburdened their guilty secrets, but in doing so probably caused much more damage.

Slightly more comically, also in the mix this episode was the dashing Dr Art: Aisha attends a veterinary conference - well known for drama and seduction - in a swish hotel. She is wooed then seduced by the smitten Dr Art, who tempts her with talk of caring for primates at a friend's sanctuary in Borneo.

She considers it - but later she deletes his follow up email, and we assume her forgiveness of Hector is not far off, as the episode ends with the narrator (presumably reading parts of the original novel), talking about marriage as negotiation.

Slow pace, fast pace

The pace of The Slap changes on a whim. For the first 30 minutes or so this week, the pace is mainly relaxed, domestic, almost documentary-like. It has a confidence like it knows it's able to cash-in on the six week investment many of us have made in the multi-character storyline, which itself gently hints and unfolds - and sometimes with a slightly maudlin piano soundtrack that can veer on over-use, sometimes not.

And then, suddenly, the pace picks up again - when Hector and later Aisha make their confessions - voices are raised, and it all becomes emotionally charged.

And you're not sure where you are or where your sympathies lie. Again.

So as the final episode approaches, we know it will be about Ritchie, but several questions remain: Will Aisha discover Hector's brief liaison was with Connie, her assistant and babysitter? Will we discover the identity of the mysterious texter (presumably it's Ritchie). Will Rosie find any peace? Or will The Slap conclude on an uneasy, 'sort-of' ending that leaves lots of questions unanswered, in a reflection of how life actually is?

We'll see.

What next?

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  1. Loved this series, great acting and storyline