Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Slap series blog

(he's a selfish family man!)
Hector's having a barbecue to mark his 40th, but he has his eye on more than just a snag - 17-year-old Connie. The slap stops anything from happening, this time.
(she doesn't want kids!)
While Anouk's at the barbecue she clocked what was going on between Hector and Connie, but is best friends with Hector's wife, Aisha. Trouble ahead.
(he's got a temper and a pool!)
It was Harry who slapped the four-year-old Hugo. Harry tries to dismiss the incident, but it emerges Harry's life is far more troubled than anyone wants to admit.
(she's a bit of a one!)
Connie finally gets some Hector-time, but it doesn't go according to plan. She tells a terrible lie about him to her friend Richie.
(In court!)
Rosie gets her day in court over Harry's slapping of her son Hugo, but by now it's damaged almost every relationship we've seen.
His father Manolis is the only person Hector has told about what happened with Connie - but Manolis has other things on his mind.
Aisha and Hector go off for a mini-break but Hector starts to cry and admits everything. Aisha heads for Anouk's sofa.
(The end!)
Connie's moved on, but now Richie's fancying Hector too. He tells Gary what Connie said Hector did to her, and, once again, it all kicks off.

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