Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A commercial interlude with some ladies dancing a bit; then some kids; then some men

Sometimes, nothing but a carefully synchronised dance routine performed around a capital city to a dance/pop hit from the 1990s while wearing reasonably striking outfits will do.

And somehow, the people who made the recent tv advert for high street fashion emporium (oh why can't I just say 'shop'?) Next seemed to agree.

Although generally of course, tv-ooh is seldom troubled by advertising because tv-ooh doesn't care much for commercial television, with the exception of ITV1, ITV2, Channel 4, Channel 5 (if it's raining out), E4, More4 and other channels like that.

No, it's all about non-commercial channels.

However, occasionally a tv advertisement will - how you say - catch one's eye, just like this:

Except - except! - there's now also this:

...which is basically the same but with young girls doing the dancing instead.

A good idea is a good idea is a good idea.

So now we need the male equivalent version. Except - except! - there's also this too:

Did you stop watching it after 23 seconds too?

But you got the idea though yes?

You see what point tv-ooh is getting at?

That's right - people like to dress similarly and dance in formation in busy public places, and tv-ooh likes to watch said dancing no matter what the gender or city (although the soundtrack should preferably be Haddaway's What is Love at all times).

It can ONLY be a matter of time before this thing becomes some sort of new tv game show format, possibly presented by Ant and Dec, possibly not. Check back here in October yeah?

PS Can the half-arsed Internet campaign to bring back Haddaway and his arthritic posse of confused-looking backing dancers, as demonstrated below, start now please?

Cheers everyone.

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