Sunday, 15 January 2012

Let's all start wishing for series three of Sherlock now shall we?

For the brief, mayfly-like duration of a series of Sherlock, the show has the largely-unchallenged mantle of being one of - if not the - best programmes on tv.

And yes that includes both Come Dine With Me and Deal or No Deal.

Why is it so good? Possibly because:

It's clever: the moments of Sherlock deducing information from the apparently unremarkable people and objects in front of him tell us how much of genius he is right there.

But of course we already know that because...

He has a nice coat (which has its own fan site!): Sometimes the result of this coat (nice though it is) means Sherlock becomes a bit reminiscent of Doctor Who, but must all tall, striding and slightly odd male characters on tv be compared to the Doctor? Yes, it would seem so.

He has an endearing and slightly less-clever than he is side-kick: Martin Freeman's Dr John Watson has mastered the 'turn head to the right/turn head to the left' style of acting. Watch it and see - he delivers a line, then turns his head, like an advanced 'double-take'. Sometimes it's to portray surprise, sometimes annoyance, sometimes embarrassment. Once you've noticed it you can't un-notice it. But we like it all the same.

It's funny and witty: See above; see also Una Stubbs' Mrs Hudson. And the Daily Mail-upsetting 'nudity' in episode one.

It's thrilling: The scenes in the secret military centre in the Baskerville episode, where Watson thinks he's being stalked by a 'hound' - when actually it's all a set-up engineered by Sherlock to get to the root of the mystery and is nearly at the expense of Watson's sanity - was one of the best moments of the series.

There may be other reasons, but we all get the idea.

With all this amazingness, it might be seen as a shame that there are only three episodes in a series of Sherlock.

Our collective instinct is to want more - oh, so many, many more, as if more is somehow better - but actually it's probably for the best we just have this annual set of three films, and no more.

One of the show's writers and producers, Steven Moffat, has said as much: "We think of them as films because they are ninety minutes long and once we knew we weren't doing hour long episodes they needed to be on that sort of scale. They have to have the size and weight of a movie."

And, what with him having to write Doctor Who as well, he probably can't type any faster anyway.

But will there be a series three? Yes - in fact, series three was commissioned at the same time as series two, as revealed on Twitter by Moffat - who had previously said he was keen to do a series three anyway - shortly after the conclusion of series two.

Clearly, we have all been a little bit had, but if production is anything like series two, shooting will begin in the summer and the new series will be on this time next year.

We're already looking forward to seeing Watson's reaction to Sherlock not being dead, and Mrs Hudson's going to have AN ABSOLUTE FIT.

We can't wait.

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  1. Dick, Eastleigh Hants19 January 2012 at 20:02

    Obviously the pavement was made of sponge. Look at the bit where he originally contemplates jumping over the side. There is clearly an outline on that part of the pavement. He falls, doesn't get hurt, then when Watson is hit by the carefully timed cyclist he doesn't see Sherlock take some fake blood out of his pocket (supplied by that lab woman) and splash it around a bit.