Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pan Am: Will it be back for season two? UPDATE: No

After only 14 episodes, Pan Am has come to an end, and it may never, ever return. Clearly, this is bad bad news for fans of glossy period drama about international travel and light romantic entanglements mixed with occasionally clumsy references to real life historical events from across the globe. And what was also good, if slighty daft, was stewardess Kate's espionage sub-plot - but somehow, it all worked and came together to make good tv, and that's why we're all here after all (sort of).

And now? Well, now, it's all over. Probably.

The clue was in the final scene - a sentimental, affectionate, optimistic scene; a scene appropriate for a last-ever episode: a gathering of the six main cast members watching 1963 turn into 1964, but with several character-based cliffhangers that we do actually need to be resolved if you don't mind.

The final freeze frame - the last ever shot of Pan Am?
Christina Ricci's Maggie doesn't look that happy about it.
We have Colette's intention to track down her newly discovered brother; Ted's revived romance with Laura after calling off his engagement with his now-pregnant ex, and Kate's consideration of an offer to become an actual proper spy with training and everything, after a hairy encounter with a double agent in Grand Central Station.

Captain Dean's been suspended from flying for six months so admittedly he's only got a holiday to look forward to; while Christina Ricci's Maggie has come into some money after some deal or other, and then spent much of that last scene looking awkward while everyone else smiled and embraced ('acted') until the freeze frame.

They were looking at this CGI image of New York's 1963 New Year's Eve celebrations
So there's a lot going on, and a lot to come back for, and tv-ooh has stuck with it and grown to like the characters - which must be what all tv drama sets out to do. And, despite erratic scheduling and lots of stories about its likely cancellation due to falling ratings in the US, officially, a decision about a second season is due in May, say US network ABC.

So let's hope it returns - and if you do too, perhaps start praying to the all-knowing tv commissioning fairies now.

UPDATE: 13 May 2012 - US network ABC has officially cancelled the show. Boo to that, is all we can say. It's like Defying Gravity all over again.
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  1. fingers crossed it comes back!!! I love Pan am best thing I've watched in a few years!!!