Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Made in Chelsea series 3 official trailer: But what does it all MEAN? And where is Binky?

Hands up who had a minor asthma attack at the new Made in Chelsea series 3 trailer then? No, tv-ooh didn't either. But it's still all quite exciting though, so one will admit to a certain... breathlessness.

You see, for the trailer, the producers have gone for a 'concept'. So rather than clips and teasers from the actual episode, they've put the cast, and a lot of extras but we don't care about them, into some sort of posh party situation taking place in a period mansion (with a billiards table) while dressed in 18th century King Louis XV-style costumes.

Do you see? I mean, DO YOU ACTUALLY SEE? A posh party - it's Made in Chelsea's whole thing? Mix that up with lots of slo-mo and the cast doing crazy things as befits life when you're in a 'structured reality' drama set in Chelsea, and away you go.

But what does it all mean? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Let's look at some stills from the trailer and make some fatuous observations try and decipher some of the coded meanings:

Oh no! It's Rosie and Amber, or perhaps that other new girl who was in it once last year but now she's in it properly (Gemma Gregory) posing, um, with a bear. Could this be Rosie's new boyf? Brian the bear? I bet he's got his own company or something too. Or maybe he's another of Francis' interns. Either way, he's hairy.

Oh no! It's Caggie, and she's on roller skates and dressed as Little Bo Beep! A clear radical departure for her characterisation for this series then. Wonder if she'll still sing?

Oh no! It's Cheska and Ollie having all sorts of fun japes with grapes, because remember Chelsea fans, that's how these guys roll yeah? But where oh where is Binks? We need Binks!

Oh no! It's Proudlock and Jamie and a bit of Hugo and Rosie and Ollie all 'partying' and Proudlock's explicitly proving it by bouncing on one of those orange bouncy things and everyone else is, like, totally egging him on! Fun times people!

 Yeah Jamie and a helmet. Make your own joke.

Hey! It's Spence and Hoogs and Prouds and they're pushing a knight on some sort of trolley with a mop while extras (who we don't care about remember) applaud politely. Gosh those guys are crazy aren't they?

Hey! It's Spencer again but this time he's 'romancing' some new lady tv-ooh doesn't recognise. A new cast member perhaps? What will Caggie say? Or was that her apparently kissing Hugo elsewhere in the trailer?  Millie was there too, on a white horse.

What do you mean you missed those bits? Here is the trailer below so you can watch it again. Perhaps do it every day until Made in Chelsea is back on Monday 2 April at 10pm on E4. Woo and, indeed, hoo.


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