Tuesday, 10 April 2012

BBC Breakfast in Salford: An appeal for calm at this difficult time

We know. We get it. We are not ones for change are we? This morning, BBC Breakfast begin its new life in its shiny, bright, high definition home - and some people aren't very happy about it.

Over on the programme's Facebook page, which is where these pictures come from, there are all sorts of gripes and grievances about the new set which, actually, is not a lot different from the old one.

"Hate the background, it's distracting from the presenters!" says one."Why couldn't BBC give the presenters a higher coffee table so the ladies could protect their dignity or let the ladies wear trousers? :-/, " offers another, mysteriously.
"Awful background. Go to a skyscape and use BLUE instead of orange, it's vulgar like that :P"

The new BBC Breakfast studio in Salford. During the day it's the home to regional news programme
 North West Tonight so no need to worry about value for money license fee payers!
Other complaints speak of strange 'floating red chairs' in the background, and the apparent small size of the set that has to be shot with 'close camera angles' and means that presenters Bill and Susanna have to sit very close together.

The Daily Mail are going to have fun WITH THIS, aren't they.

But then: a voice of reason, and a viewpoint tv-ooh fully supports: "A change is as good as a rest.. Get over it, it doesn't affect the quality of the programme."



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