Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Made in Chelsea: Series 3 episode 1 - It's back! But no more Caggie/Spencer, cheers

Oh Caggie and Spencer - can the pair of you just get on with your lives without having to ever speak to each other again please, apart from idle small talk during the end-of-episode all-cast Champagne party that everyone is contractually obliged to go to, even if not everyone gets a line?

If so, tv-ooh will excuse the awkward opening scene of Made in Chelsea's new series.

The pair of them, catching up after Spencer's flying lesson - and him wearing an outfit that was only a stiffened horizontal scarf away from a 'comedy Biggles' look - was so unconvincing it would win the prize in a competition designed to reward something very unconvincing.

It's not about Made in Chelsea being set up - because it always has been, and that's the idea. But when you see it so obviously it ruins the drama, even if we know it's all made up anyway. So there.

Story-wise perhaps, it was needed as a way to update us on their 'relationship' status following them 'hooking up' while in Finland for the Christmas episode, so hopefully it's just a way to tie up lose ends once and for all before never speaking of it again.

But it was the fact that Caggie hadn't seen Spencer since her return from Australia two weeks previously that shows us that, actually, these people - or, at least, these particular characters - only spend time together for the show, which is a job, and means they are, in a way, acting. Badly.

"I guess I needed to go away and work out what I was really thinking... or feeling," says Caggie, as the camera cuts away a milli-second before she appears to giggle.

"And you met a guy for two weeks and tattooed his initials on your arm?" replies Spencer, filling us in with some detail.

These characters work better when Spencer's acting like a fool with his mates Jamie and Proudlock and with girls too foolish to know better, while Caggie's much better when she's pouting or as one half of a double act with Millie - and, fortunately, normal service resumed later in the episode. Phew.

Here are some of tv-ooh's highlights:

Kimberley meets Jamie, with Proudlock, at church. Yeah she's smiling now...
Proudlock going to church (!) and introducing new cast member Kimberley, who seems far too cheery. Let's wait until Jamie messes with her head, eh? Run for your life Kimberley, run for your life in your long sleek black hot pants while you still can. Your God can not help you. 

Millie on work experience - sorry internship - at Glamour magazine: She didn't know what to do or even when to take lunch, having not ever had any sort of job before, other than shopping and looking nice: "I've always dreamed of working there," she lied. "It's a great way to get into the fashion industry," replied her friend Louise, also lying.

Hugo being not entirely convincing about his new 'amazing' relationship with Natalie, and Rosie's not entirely convincing show of pleasure at Hugo's apparent new-found happiness.

Ollie embarrasses his friend Cheska in front of new boy Richie.
Ollie's new Union flag decorated car, and his new friend Richie (who surely is a musical theatre performer in his mid-thirties): let's hope he's got new boy nerves and that his personality is just running late rather than entirely absent; and that Ollie, who perhaps needs to stop trying so hard with his aloof/dryly comic manner, gets to do some fun stuff with Cheska (now with big 'rock' hair) and Binky very soon.

Obligatory party in the final 15 minutes filmed in the afternoon with all the cast present and lots of extras, and background music dubbed on later: Minor character Gabalicious's boob reduction-celebration party! A chance for close up shots of her cleavage, which Francis couldn't stop looking at. Of course. Yay to Gabalicious, whoever you may be!

In summary: It's good to have it back, but let's have more fun stuff, from the fun characters please. No more Caggie and Spencer interplay tedium, ever. Cheers.

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  1. this is so unfair, you've really made the people in MIC look completely sh*t...this a completely and utterly biased point of view.