Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 2: Cheska vs Gabs, Spencer vs Jamie, Jamie vs his sunglasses - MIC is back on form

So Spencer's back to being a drunken old cad, Francis is back to being a nice but posh dim-wit (now with a thing for 'sweatworking' ie networking in the gym while, um, sweating, despite wearing a fresh-from-the-pack new white t-shirt, suggesting he's never sweatworked in his life), while Jamie's walking around with the arm of his sunglasses in his mouth at every opportunity and trying to attract the impossibly smiley Christian girl Kimberley, but Jamie's worried Spencer's going to beat him to it.

It's also good to see Gabriella back and on form, which in her case means wearing an expression that suggests she might do something crazy, like sing, at any minute - but now it looks like she's being positioned by the show's producers as something of a sabotage device, a crowbar if you will, as she could potentially come between the budding new relationship between Cheska, who presumably is still in the throes of her serious man-drought first mentioned in series one, and new boy, and friend of Ollie, Richard, who frankly is wet enough to end the most serious of droughts, with more than enough water left to prevent the hose-pipe ban.

Cheska sees her hopes of kissy-kissy time with new boy Richard ruined right there, by man-mad Gabriella. ROAR!
Not only does Richard possess an impossibly big dog, and obviously there's no connection there with why he might be making eyes at Gabs, but his awkwardly delivered invitation for her 'to sing' on a tv advertisement he's making harked back to the show's early days and a camera-shy and hesistant Francis, who has since become slightly more fluent. And then Cheska silently expresses her displeasure at Richard's invitation by making her awkward face.

Elsewhere, Millie is continuing with her least convincing internship ever, at Glamour magazine, who presumably agreed to it in order to promote the magazine. But will the publication RUE THE DAY they agreed to it, when all their future interns think they can do what Millie does: rock up in a fake fur scarf and a floppy hat at 11, get three of your mates in to browse through the clothes' racks while limply chatting, and then finally mooch about like they've never been more bored, before slinking off home at lunchtime?

RUE THE DAY they will, you mark tv-ooh's words. 
Millie 'at work' at her internship, while Jamie sucks on the arm of his shades
Other points worth raising, like this is all important somehow:

The 'next time' bit at the end of the episode is again the most interesting bit, showing the shouty argument parts from the next episode, so even though it gives away what happens, perhaps the fun in all this crazy nonsense comes from getting us there - the 'journey' if you will. Deep, eh? But it makes you want to watch, so in that sense, and, in fact, any sense, it achieves what it sets out to do. This is purposefully pointless television in action, people.

Have the posh stakes being upped for this series somewhat, one ponders? With the arrival of Kimberley's new friend Harriet, who has her own car and driver to drive her around, but mainly to Harrods and back, have things suddenly become a bit more posh? Now with added rah rah rah?

If this is a trend to continue it can only be weeks until the cast are communicating in unintelligable brays only those educated at Eton will be able to understand. Bring it on, and the subtitles.

Obligatory party in the final 15 minutes filmed in the afternoon with all the cast present and lots of extras, and background music dubbed on later: Cheska's dog party for Battersea Dogs' Home, featuring a twist on the idea of a cat walk, only now named a 'dog walk', and with commentary by super-toff Mark Francis and his evil comedy henchwoman Victoria - and the pair of them are comedy, if not gold, then certainly bronze - which coincindentally MF says is his favourite medium with which to make a bust from.

The 'OMG, like what a total bitch I can't believe she just said that, that will get everyone on 'social media' talking' moment: When Victoria to Rosie, over lunch, said of Caggie: 'What the f**k is she wearing?' Let's all relax, it was funny - and besides, Caggie was in a hoodie.

In summary: In other words, it's business as usual in Made in Chelsea and things are on top form all round. Glad to have you back, ma'am *polite yet modest round of applause*.

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