Sunday, 22 April 2012

Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 3: Basically just girls in underwear

'Are you perving on us?' asks Millie of an awkward Francis, while she's trying on some slinky underwear in a girls' underwear shop with Caggie stand-in Louise, in preparation for a pyjama party planned for later in the episode. Or is she actually asking the question of the nation?

It's just that at said party, ostensibly thrown by new girl Harriet who neither of them really know yet, Millie might well be planning on having a brief but reasonably eroticised slo-mo play-pillow fight with new girl and flicky-hair sex object Kimberley - and for no other reason than just because, really.

"I'm just browsing," says Francis, adopting his best Prince Charles demeanour, without the jug ears.

Remember viewers that Francis is in his early twenties, and not, as he sometimes acts, and indeed dresses like, in his early forties. However, tv-ooh won't have a word said against him: the world needs a semi-articulate posh dim-wit.

"I don't know if I want to see you in a thong," suggests Millie, immediately alienating a good 50% of the show's 'demographic'. But 'fortunately' he's actually there to ask Millie to help him taste some sweets he's making with Jamie, in one of their latest inexplicable 'business enterprises' that everyone seems to have going on in Made in Chelsea. Why does no-one just work in a Co-op?

Things to gloss over

Let's gloss over the fact that Spencer is back to being a goon. If indeed he ever stopped being a goon, that is. After upsetting his pal Jamie when he asked new girl and flicky-hair sex object Kimberley out for a date straight after Jamie had done the same, he's now also pursuing former play-thing Louise, after Jamie decided he likes her again too. Memo to Louise: tell them all to eff off, love.

So the Jamie/Spencer tension looks set to rumble onwards for a few episodes yet, but given that this might well be Spencer's last series, hopefully we won't have to tolerate his insecurity-covering girl-chasing game playing for much longer, even though his lad-banter scenes are, you know, 'a laugh'.

Also back in play, but not a goon, is mad Gemma. Jamie collects her from a big country house that's also 'a spa' where she's had 'a proper full on detox'.

"I'm really enjoying the sober shit," she says, in a slightly manic way that suggests she's possibly just swapped alcohol for drugs.

And, continuing the whole Richard 'debacle', it emerged that now Binky as well as Gabriella all have 'previous' with him which makes his appeal even more of mystery. But what was he about to say to Cheska about the person he likes before 'fun killer' (copyright Ollie Locke) Gabriella rolled up? Hmpf.

Meanwhile, Millie offering to get her colleagues at Glamour Magazine 'something' while she pops out to the shops at lunchtime suggests she's a step closer to understanding what a real office job is like. This, viewers, is progress!

Actual reality/made-up reality confusion alert

While we're on Millie, who we saw getting out of a car with her real-life boyfriend Professor Green in an actual reality-stroke-made-up reality confusion alert (deep breathes everyone!), she did indeed have a brief but reasonably eroticised slo-mo play-pillow fight with new girl and flicky-hair sex object Kimberley, at the pyjama party, for no other reason than just because.

It looked a bit like this:

Followed by shots of Champagne being poured into Champagne glasses, fizzing, like this:


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