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Made in Chelsea: Series 3 episode 4 - A pardy just for the sake of a pardy

So with Spencer allegedly photographed taking cocaine off-screen and so possibly facing the axe for his bad behaviour (as if no-one else in the cast might do it too!), his on-screen antics in Made in Chelsea appear to be just as doomed - but only for now.

But the fact that he now appears to have lost out to Jamie in the fight for Louise almost makes tv-ooh feel a bit sorry for him, but don't worry viewers: it passes.

Even more amusing is that the show has finally acknowledged that the arbitrarily arranged party in the last quarter of each episode (generally), in order to bring everyone together to create a bit of drama, is just that: completely arbitrary.

"Let's have a pardy!" says Hugo, seen sporting both clean shaven and partially shaven looks in this episode, "for no reason whatsoever!"

"Yeah!" says Spencer. "I'll help."

So they book a hotel suite - this all happens off camera incidentally; party arranging is basically just lots of phone calls and that's not great telly as a rule.
And, as such, the pardy provides a suitable background for a temporary climax to the Louise/Spencer/Jamie triangle. Louise tells Spencer she isn't interested in him anymore - at last - while both of them perch awkwardly on the edge of a bath while trying to pretend there's not a film crew directly opposite them, while later Louise and Jamie have a kiss, but Jamie doesn't know what to do with arms. Awkward.

Spencer looks a bit lost - it could be the booze, it could be his ego, or it could be that cocaine he's just taken (allegedly).

Other key points:

The point to point party - something to do with horse-racing, with most of the horses apparently owned by new girl Harriet, who shall hereafter be known by tv-ooh as Horsey Harriet, because alliteration can be quite fun if that's your bag - was a nice chance for the cast to get out of London. We know this because whenever the cast get out of London, someone always says: "It's always good to get out of London."

Gabriella and Cheska

Two parts interesting, one part amazing hair, this particular plot. Even so, you have to fill in the gaps a bit with this - Gabriella was cross with Cheska as she thought Cheska had been bitching about the temporary nature of Gabriella and Richard's former relationship, but Cheska was only telling Binky what Richard had told her about it, but then it became like this really really big thing? The result is scenes between Cheska and Gabriella arguing. (And have you noticed how no-one manages to step into their 'where to stand for the cameras' position quite as obviously as Cheska? Must all the hair.)

But, more pertinently, and to paraphrase a joke by Mrs Merton, what do all these women see in the millionaire businessman Richard?


Now gainfully employed by Richard as his PA, the scene when she bounds in and greets Ollie (who is visiting Richard in his office), and kisses both Ollie and Richard - as if she hasn't yet seen her own boss today, is officially moderately amusing given that SHE'S MEANT TO BE HIS PA. Gemma is no-one's PA! She also declares the point to point party to be COOL but then admits she doesn't know what a point to point party is.

Richard getting a knock back from flicky-haired sex kitten Kimberley

Ha ha to Richard. Her reason? 'I'm really busy with work'.

Other observations:

It's looking lovely

Some of the scenes shot at Haymarket, with the sun lighting the edges of the characters' sleek hair like a structured reality halo, looked fantastic. In fact, the whole production-values are really feeling accomplished and very stylised - this is a show that has its own look, and is confident about it.

The promise of more Ollie next week

Next week, Ollie steps out of the supporting character shadows and gets some dating action, although he needs a re-think on his over-size sweaters.

Just saying.

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