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The Bridge: Episode 5 & 6 - Who IS the killer - Ake, Stefan or... Martin (or someone else)?

The story of poor teenage runaway Anja - horribly gunned down in a creepy underground car park by the killer (or one of his henchmen) - is probably one of the saddest parts of The Bridge so far, and, given the generally bleak and downbeat nature of the programme as a whole, that's actually quite a feat.

And even though a reaction from both Anja's parents to her death felt like a scene that should have been included (although it wouldn't have added much to the plot given her virtual estrangement from them),  Anja's murder has also done the job of highlighting what passes for Saga's own sadness at losing her 15-year-old sister to suicide, 15 years or so ago, even if her visit to the snow-covered cemetery seemed to be more of a quick stroll through on the way to that nightclub she likes to visit to pick up guys.

"Did you see any signs of depression?" asked fellow cop Martin, thinking that she might want to talk about her sister's death.

"I don't see signs," she said, blunty, which in some ways is the biggest, and most thought-provoking,  insight she's been able to offer into her behaviour (and its consequences) so far.

Randy August

Of course, when Martin then discovers Saga has apparently slept with his randy 18-year-old son August - having turned up at her flat with croissants (!) to find his son in a towel - he's a bit less sympathetic, although Saga herself can't quite see why it's so wrong, given that it's legal. Moral or social concerns don't register.
Martin's 'randy 18-year-old son August'
But is it any more wrong than the married Martin having it away with Charlotte the wig-wearing widow, when, while 'looking through some papers' at her home, she pulled off her stark blonde bob and let her long chestnut locks flow free in a moment of seductive allure?

He gently took her chin in his hand and the next time we see them they're topless on the lounge floor. What happened in between we were mercifully spared, but let's hope that vasectomy worked.

And we gather he's played away before, too - which might partly explain his decision to have that operation in the first place.

But what's even more pressing now is that 'eyes and nose' sketch Anja drew of her killer, just before she died.

Suspicions on Stefan?

Saga and Martin have noticed how it resembles the social worker Stefan - who we've now seen twice post-shower, giving us an insight into his moisturising routine, as well as a bedroom wardrobe full of medical supplies. And, certainly, his violent murder of Veronika's abusive husband was a shock, but no doubt he'd argue it was to protect her and her children, after he took them to a safe house in the countryside in episode one.

Even so, 'social worker who plays by his own rules and looks a bit like celebrity hair-dresser Nicky Clarke if he dressed in vaguely 1970s clothing' is not your normal template for a tv killer.

So it could be him - but what's more troubling is that those eyes and nose also, sort of, resemble Martin.

With the discovery of the abandoned police car used by the man (presumably) disguised as a cop to shoot the other cop (Henning Tholstrup), who had lied during a trial which resulted in the death of Siaf's brother - keep up! - Saga has realised that maybe the killer could be on the inside: could he also be a police officer, too?

Or is it Ake?

As the mystery police-man assassin walked away from shooting Henning, his gangly frame and slight in-step as he moved were reasonably distinctive and could, possibly, maybe, resemble the frame of journalist Daniel's slightly odd colleague, Ake. Too obvious a candidate? Perhaps, but there's something about him...

Could it be Martin? Could it be Ake? Or Stefan? Or someone we haven't met yet?

At this stage, we still don't know - and let's face it, why would we, it's episode six. But it's going to be very, very exciting finding out.

Oh, and by the way, if you need a reminder of who everyone is, and like a little a bit of Danish, have a look at the programme's character list from the original Danish programme website, with both names and pictures. Hours of fun.

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