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The Bridge: Episodes 7 & 8 - That 'software salesman' better not be who he says he is

In what could be the most bizarre plot development yet, Martin's pregnant wife Mette gets an unexpected visit from a slightly creepy software salesman while she's at work, so either this man, Sebastian, has something to do with the killer, or that's one heck of a storyline curve ball.

Mette said she could give him five minutes, but an hour and a half later he's thanking her for the coffee and promising to send her 'further details' for something he says could make her life easier to organise. Surely they already have electronic calendars in Denmark?

Then, later, when Mette develops serious stomach pain, Sebastian is on hand to take her to hospital, having dropped by with a surprise bunch of flowers. But after this we don't see him. Hopes - that is, plot-development hopes, which we could also call 'fears' - that he might turn out to be crazy and kidnap her en route to A&E were unfounded.

So what on earth is this all about, apart from the fact she's got some troublesome kidney stones?

If the writer wanted padding, let's see her pop to the shops.

So we don't know what this means right now, but with now only two episodes left, answers might not be far off.

Both the pursuit of the killer - as we've now discounted a suspect who turned out to be a different sicko, rather than the one they're after - and the developing double act of Saga and Martin, and their respective personal lives, are continuing to heat up nicely.

Daniel Ferbe: You looked nice in a blazer and had a stylish apartment

Daniel is gassed

Reporter Daniel Ferbe has finally received his comeuppance. Not content with having a near-death experience following some 'high-spirited' 'partying', he went on to have an actual-death experience, getting trapped in his car and then gassed as part of a booby trap, at the end of episode 7.

The killer, calling himself the Truth Terrorist -  as he's quite the one for a stylish flourish, and can't resist a bit of alliteration - had promised to surrender, and that the sacked Daniel could have the first exclusive interview. Maybe it's a stretch to think that Daniel would believe what TT told him - but when you're equipped with an ego as big as Daniel's, it's not so much of a stretch. He wanted the glory, and it cost him his life. Only his slightly odd colleague Ake will miss him - and we're still not entirely sure Ake's innocent either.

Martin and August and his online friend

Martin's chat with his son August, who didn't actually have sex with Saga after all - they just had a sleep-over - was an interesting piece of character development spelling out August's sense of abandonment at his father's departure when he was young, and how a birthday present of a bike when he was 10 failed to make up for it.

"I threw it in the lake," said August.

It was August's online chat buddy Frida that suggested he speak to his father, who was kicked out by Mette after she discovered he slept with Charlotte in the wig on her floor, but is August's friend who she says she is?

She's suggested they have dinner, and August is pleased at the idea of meeting up, but how have they not yet Skyped?

So given that last week's prime suspect Jesper Anderssen is not the man they want (he was identified by Anja's drawing and turned out to be a cop who has been committing different crimes - video-taping sexual assaults and working with a vacant-faced police accomplice called Kent), could the new prime suspect, Jens, be trying to get at his former colleague Martin through his wife and son?

Imminent doom

So with more use of that uneasy incidental music that sounds like an approaching truck and used to signify important plot points or immiment doom, things picked up pace in the last half of episode 8: we learned that this Jens lost his wife and child in a car accident in 2001 on the ├śresund Bridge, and that Daniel had failed to report that the accident was caused by a drunk driver, even though Daniel would have been, er, 17 at the time of the accident, given that the character's meant to be 27 and the programme was made in 2011.

Other victims we've seen were involved in the case too, while Jens himself  'blew his face off' when he supposedly committed suicide in 2004. But no autopsy was done, so that headless corpse may have been someone else's.

Either way, there are plenty of links that point to Jens. We know this because Saga got out her black felt-tip and spent a few minutes concentrating on drawing a spider-gram on some glass. That must be one of the best bits about police work - doing the spider-gram.

And low-key police colleagues John and Navid deserve a mention here - those boys in the office really know their way around paperwork and computers.

Saga, oh Saga

Meanwhile, Saga's learning - sort of. She rejected August when she was told his father - her partner - Martin was upset, and tried to join in the small talk with her colleagues at lunch time.

We learned that she was on her period.

The nice but slightly wet Anton cropped up again too - turning up at her place of work with a bunch of flowers and an invitation to dinner so they could get to know each other, and not have sex.

She didn't quite understand why, but she should go: she'll need something to occupy herself once this case is closed in two episodes' time.

Something - other than the fact this is episode 8 - tells us we're nearly done; and that mysterious 'software salesman' Sebastian is involved somewhere too, and not just because Mette thinks he's a bit dishy and brought on her kidney pain.

Final episodes next week. Can't wait.

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