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A magazine about soap operas has decided this scene from EastEnders' 'Sharongate' storyline is the best soap scene of the last 20 years

Tv-ooh remembers it well, and it was all Michelle Fowler's fault.

It's 1994 and she's started doing a degree at her local university in east London (but not the actual University of East London, as it was at pains to point out at the time).

And, via getting together with her tutor Geoff in one of the show's most unlikely pairings ever (it was this that the real university was unhappy about), Michelle set about on some sort of local 'oral history' project, which meant she went around interviewing people from the square about their lives - and recording the conversations on tape.

So this was how an otherwise private conversation, carried out over a bottle of wine for added tongue loosening, between Michelle and her best mate Sharon - married to Grant Mitchell, but with feelings for his brother Phil, who was married to Kathy - came into existence.

Naturally, this being EastEnders, Grant found the tape, and ended up playing it in his car, when cars were equipped with such things, and sat there agog as Sharon confessed to sleeping with Phil.

'A big knees up'

A stunned and angry Grant - which happens to look exactly the same, facial expression-wise, if you're Grant Mitchell - decides to reject the opportunity to discuss the matter privately, and instead opts for the dramatic 'humilation of your wife and brother in front of everyone else' approach in the Queen Vic.

And obviously, there's a big knees up going on - tv-ooh can't remember the occasion (changes are it was some birthday or other), but Howard and Carol are dancing about, Ricky and Bianca look young, Arthur and Pauline and Pat are all still alive, and Barbara Windsor's version of Peggy Mitchell is still a year or so away.

But it's the perfect setting for YOUR ACTUAL DRAMA.

And it looks like others agree, as fortnightly soap magazine Inside Soap has decided it is the best scene in soap of the last 20 years, which either means it is a very good and memorable scene (which it is), or the people on the magazine or its readers just like EastEnders - we don't know the details or how this list came about - but as a means of getting people to write about the list and therefore the magazine, it's sort of worked hasn't it.

It's also quite good because Sharon is back in the square this year too, knocking on Phil's door once again.

The scene is also notable because Kathy gets to call Sharon 'a slut' and then slaps her round the face.

Other EastEnders scenes in this list, by the way, include:

and this one:

Now that's all very well, but we would have also liked to have seen this next scene make the list (even though it's not from the last 20 years, but rules are meant to be broken are they not).

(By the way, the full list of 'best soap scenes of the last 20 years according to Inside Soap magazine' is here on the Mail Online website)

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