Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mark Wright's Hollywood Nights: Episode 2 - We're sort of having quite a good time, despite ourselves

Almost despite ourselves, we're having quite a good time on this so-called 'lads holiday' with Mark Wright and his four boys, over in LA with a film crew for five weeks for no other reason than just because.

Lovable geezerboy Mark, now starring in his own reality series like some kind of post-modern take on the old idea of the emperor's new clothes - as in, we're not sure why we like him but everyone else seems to so why not us too - is having almost as good a time as the audience, or at least that's what he'd want you to believe.

Because remember, if you're mates with Mark, Mark's the boss, and you'll instinctively let him tell you what to do, where to go, what to wear: Mark Wright is in charge at all times.

In return, however, he's sometimes like a more accessible version of the Dalai Llama. Mark will show you love; he'll sort you out: Need a home? Mark's on it. He'll put you in touch with some hot local girls and give you an all-encompassing cuddle every time you threaten to pack your bags and go home, which, if you're young Tommy, will be at least once an episode.


Tommy is one of Mark's four boys, and they're becoming equally important in the show. Mark calls them his entourage and they are four reality stars in the making - at least with the confines of ITV2.

There's Mark's business adviser, Neil, with his delightfully vacant face and apparent '80s' fashion sense, the burly bodyguard Nick who, this week, gets the hair in his bum crack waxed off in one of Mark's hilarious 'so-called' pranks, while driver Georgie picks them all up a smart retro convertible car and drives them around a bit.

And then there is Tommy who is 20 and away from home for the first time. This week, as last week, he sulks a bit and fails to get into clubs and so starts to pack his bags to go home until Mark saves the day. Again.

'Witless charm'

The show has a sort of witless charm that doesn't permit much scrutiny, but that's the point: sometimes you just want to sit back and relax, like self-satisfied Mark himself, around the pool with a beer and the boys' dreadfully staged banter, and watch the spectacle.

A bit like when you slow down on the motorway to rubberneck at the terrible accident on the other carriageway.

Some might see Mark as a bit of a dimwit, but if he is, he's a likeable, nice one - if probably quite shrewd - so we don't mind watching, and we'll probably be back next week, too, for more of the same.

We think they go to some zoo or something, and Tommy will probably start packing his suitcase at some point. Amazing.

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