Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012 Olympics: So was that opening ceremony one of the best tv shows ever? YES IT WAS

If, like tv-ooh, you were one of the estimated 27 million UK viewers watching the Olympic opening ceremony, many with a large drink in hand and a slack-jawed gape of the face, no doubt you would have MARVELLED at the befuddling spectacle of it all.

You may have also felt, in turn, BEMUSEMENT at the dirty-faced miners trudging into the stadium only to launch into some surprising and synchronised kung-fu style choreography - we never knew miners had such funk - before six chimneys emerged, dramatically, from the ground to the beat of a progressively rousing soundtrack, while other volunteers - munchkins? - rolled up huge sections of turf, like gardeners with a fetish for attention-seeking, and then we think a house appeared in the middle of the stadium and faces of people were projected onto it.

We remember only snatches of it - like a muddled clips show of the mind, or like trying to recall a drunken night out - such was the magnitude of it all.

Friday, 27 July 2012

London 2012 Olympics: Edie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous in amusing 'in character' interview

The above video, in case you're wondering, is from the Channel 4 News website, and is journalist Paraic O'Brien interviewing Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.

But the thing is, they're in character, see, as Edie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous and it follows the pair's spell running with the Olympic torch in London.

It's like reality and fiction blurring into one, while someone else tempts you with a Rolo.

You want to make sense of it, but sense has no place here - just watch and enjoy it. And eat the Rolo.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blackout: 'A stylishly bleak urban-frown drama'

If ever you've wondered what Christopher Eccleston might look like had he been cast as an alcoholic Batman but without the costume or physique, while holding down a job in local government in the north west of England, than BBC One's stylishly bleak urban-frown drama Blackout might have provided a clue about what to expect.

Set in an unidentified British city - all 'City Hall' this, 'Metropolitan Hall' that, and achingly stylish warehouse conversions competing for the viewers' attention whenever they appeared - a brooding Eccleston played Daniel Demoys, whose disintegrating life was grimly captured over the story's three hours.

Beginning with cleverly-filmed rain-soaked aerial shots of illuminated sky scrapers at night, like a Gotham City without the dark knight, we see Demoys standing on the edge of a high rise, possibly considering jumping to his grisly doom.