Friday, 26 October 2012

Revenge: Season 1 was quite good but will season 2 just be like Revenge: The Revenge?

Season one of Revenge is now all done - we're simply exhausted, readers - and Monday nights at 9pm on E4 in the UK won't quite be the same. Let's face it, its replacement - Derren Brown's Apocalypse, or something - doesn't quite have the same appeal despite it also having a central figure who likes to mess with people's heads.

But no matter - season two of Revenge is officially due in the UK early next year and, given the season one cliffhanger, it looks like the whole thing might now be about the suspected involvement of Emily's mother in the conspiracy, and her being tracked down.

Oh. This is the same mother that not much was ever heard about during season one: only that she apparently died when Emily was very young, and there was also a throwaway reference in the final episode that she was 'mad'.

Except now it turns out she may have been alive all along.

But if you were Emily, could you cope? After all the trouble you've gone to, to find justice for your father - getting engaged, faking friendships, getting yourself a Japanese mentor to teach you martial arts, spending a lot of time watching old CCTV videos on a laptop - wouldn't you just want a break from all the revengin'? Maybe a holiday?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hunted: Who is the mole, and is there even a mole? Are we sure it's not just lots of guns?

The impossibly moody action thriller Hunted is, if nothing else, a lesson in how to tire out your leading actor, and maybe even leave them covered in bruises with a bit of internal emotional distress thrown in.

Melissa George is not getting an easy ride in Hunted. She plays Sam Hunter, a tireless spy working for a private security firm called Byzantium. It seems to be a mysterious organisation based in a large, bare office in view of St Paul's Cathedral - all we know is that there's not always proper milk in the fridge and they have a large table in a meeting room that's like an enormous iPad but with no access to anything fun.