Friday, 26 October 2012

Revenge: Season 1 was quite good but will season 2 just be like Revenge: The Revenge?

Season one of Revenge is now all done - we're simply exhausted, readers - and Monday nights at 9pm on E4 in the UK won't quite be the same. Let's face it, its replacement - Derren Brown's Apocalypse, or something - doesn't quite have the same appeal despite it also having a central figure who likes to mess with people's heads.

But no matter - season two of Revenge is officially due in the UK early next year and, given the season one cliffhanger, it looks like the whole thing might now be about the suspected involvement of Emily's mother in the conspiracy, and her being tracked down.

Oh. This is the same mother that not much was ever heard about during season one: only that she apparently died when Emily was very young, and there was also a throwaway reference in the final episode that she was 'mad'.

Except now it turns out she may have been alive all along.

But if you were Emily, could you cope? After all the trouble you've gone to, to find justice for your father - getting engaged, faking friendships, getting yourself a Japanese mentor to teach you martial arts, spending a lot of time watching old CCTV videos on a laptop - wouldn't you just want a break from all the revengin'? Maybe a holiday?

You would. But then, fortunately for Revenge viewers, our Emily has no down-time. She is a single-minded sociopath who enjoys a project, so it's likely she'll be cooking up some special scheme or other to get even more revenge on the Graysons, which also means the Grayson family will probably survive any sort of prosecution for their involvement with the death of Emily's father, at least for now. 

Victoria Grayson: Probably not dead, as it goes
More pressingly, Emily will need a new special wooden box to keep all of her new evidence in, with which she can construct a new 'roadmap to revenge', while the 'surprise' return of a pregnant Amanda and the reuniting of her and Jack will be a tidy little subplot to keep things on the boil in that department, as well as lots of inevitable bitching between Emily and her former fiance Daniel, who is now embroiled in Grayson Global (we're still not sure what Grayson Global actually does, by the way).

But more than all of that - the final episodes of season one suggested much bigger operators at work, and the so-called 'white haired man' was just their agent. Just how far will this conspiracy go, and why was Emily's mother apparently a victim, forced to abandon her family and let everyone believe she was dead? Will it lead to the US government? Or just to the now grown-up puppies of the late Sammy the dog (just knew he wouldn't make season two).

Either way, we will obviously be watching. Obviously. So yes, season two of Revenge: it's a bit like, Revenge: the revenge. Sort of.

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