Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Killing III: We don't remember this 'scene' from episode 2 do you?

We are of course joking, but, in a way, it's a shame the below scene wasn't included in the climax of episode 2 of The Killing III, as it might have eased some of that terrible tension as Sarah Lund misses her train having been distracted by her surprise sighting of her estranged son Mark, and his very pregnant girlfriend, especially as she was en route to meet a murderous kidnapper who promptly dropped an innocent man to his death.

That's what actually happens in the transmitted version of the below scene, but we think we prefer this version, even if it's not very 'on message'.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Hour series 2: Anyone fancy a cigarette?

When something looks as good as The Hour it's easy to be drawn in. If that's a device to try and distract us from the occasionally misfiring plot or the - clunk! - slightly heavy-handed attempts at exploring some of 'social issues' of the 1950s, then, for the most part, it works. The show is visually seductive, even if by the end of an episode you quite fancy lighting up a cigarette.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Homeland: The only relief is that the Dana sub-plot is finally making sense but we still can't fully relax

We'd say we could relax a bit now, except for the fact that when we watch Homeland it tends to be with our breath held due to all the tension, not knowing who'll die next or if Carrie might suddenly throw a gurn at us.

It's just that, seven episodes in to series two, it's a relief to see that the previously tedious Dana and her politician's son boyfriend sub-plot finally start to make sense - rather than, as up to now, it just feeling like clips dropped in from an episode of a dreary US teen drama, as if Homeland somehow needed padding to fill its hour-long slot.

But, just as Saul says (to the imprisoned terrorist Aileen shortly before she kills herself using glass from his spectacles he'd carelessly left with her while out he dashed in pursuit of a suspect she'd deliberately wrongly identified) - 'trust me'.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Killing III: Has everyone stopped going on about the jumper yet?

The Killing, back on BBC Four in a pulse-quickening double bill on a Saturday night, is now in its third and final series, and soon Sophie Grabol's smile-free detective Sarah Lund will be no more.

Of course, it's too hard to bear. We know that. But we hope, even now, that she doesn't die at the end.

We hope she gets the 'normal' life she seemed to be seeking at the start of this series. We'd quite happily have a spin off show, perhaps called The Sarah Lund Adventures, where we see Sarah enjoying a healthy relationship with her son and new grandchild, pottering around a garden growing things, and all while holding down a boring but comfortable desk job away from Copenhagen's most elaborate murderers, but especially those with a political point to prove and a ten episode-long fondness for attention.

Sarah's mum and her amusing husband would live next door and they'd be the comic foil but Sarah would love them both really.

Us viewers would moan like hell about such a spin-off being boring, but none of us would begrudge Sarah a happy ending, such is her impact on our lives - but we're still a bit worried about this whole jumper thing.

It's got out of hand.

Can we all just GET OVER the jumper?