Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Killing III: We don't remember this 'scene' from episode 2 do you?

We are of course joking, but, in a way, it's a shame the below scene wasn't included in the climax of episode 2 of The Killing III, as it might have eased some of that terrible tension as Sarah Lund misses her train having been distracted by her surprise sighting of her estranged son Mark, and his very pregnant girlfriend, especially as she was en route to meet a murderous kidnapper who promptly dropped an innocent man to his death.

That's what actually happens in the transmitted version of the below scene, but we think we prefer this version, even if it's not very 'on message'.

That's quite good isn't it? And while we're here, there's also this other video, below.

Now, we don't understand Danish - at least not without English captions to read, but this video appears to be a sort of amateur behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of a scene from The Killing III, and not a very important scene at that.

The bloke with the missing daughter is seen getting out of a black car, which we think forms part of episode 4.

There's also some interview stuff where someone we think is a cameraman may well be saying what an amazing thrill it is to take part in The Killing, or maybe he's bemoaning the on-set catering - as we say, we don't know.

Yeah so you won't ever get those 2 minutes and 46 seconds back, will you. But while we're on this YouTube 'tip', in case you missed Sarah Lund's appearance in the Christmas 2011 episode of Absolutely Fabulous, have look at the clip below. It was shot by someone using their phone we suspect, however it's still possible to get the general gist and it's got Sarah Lund in it, speaking English.

We also think this next clip is momentarily quite interesting too, if you dig the wife of the future King receiving a Sarah Lund-style woolly knit from Sarah Lund herself, followed by an inexplicably brief one-line 'interview' with a perplexed-looking Nikolaj Lie Kaas, who plays Borch.

It's amusing to consider - sort of - that when that clip was first published, anyone watching would probably have no idea whatsoever who Nikolaj Lie Kaas was - and now here he is, playing Borch, who is not only the current sidekick of Sarah Lund - and therefore probably doomed to certain death - but also Sarah's former lover, too, from their time together at the police academy, which should perhaps be filed under 'prequel spin-offs never likely to happen'.

Either way though, Borch is probably a dead man.

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