Monday, 14 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother: Spencer and Heidi - who are they and what do they want?

Spencer's slightly menacing control over his wife Heidi in the Celebrity Big Brother house is both intriguing and disturbing all at the same time.

It seems that, in his affections, Heidi comes only second to that five litre water bottle he's always carrying around.

Exactly what 'Speidi' see in each other is beyond specific identification, but maybe she digs Spencer's lip-smacking when he eats or his stony-faced humour-bypass moments. Maybe Spencer likes the numerous surgical alterations Heidi has carried out to her own body, or perhaps her apparent complete subservience to him? Only they can really know.

But what we do know is that the married pair are regulars when it comes to living their lives on tv, having featured in the US MTV show The Hills.

During their time there, they got together, he alienated her from her friends, she wanted children and he didn't, he wanted fame and she didn't, and then they got married, all the while having to enact numerous scenes for the cameras - many of them like this one, below, about their relationship - and frequently while sitting in cars.

And staying on the menacing and disturbing 'front', Spencer, in particular, has had his moments before, like when he's telling his sister Stephanie that he doesn't want to be her brother any more (from The Hills). He mixes menace with accidental humour so well, no?

And when The Hills finished after six seasons in 2010, they more or less became full-time reality tv participants, including going into the US version of I'm a Celebrity, and with Spencer Pratt generally living up to his name.

But the drama continues. They've recently claimed they have no money, which is possibly partly due to Heidi launching herself as a Britney Spears-style pop star in 2009, as this clip of her first tv appearance as a singer performing on Miss Universe shows - except, um, her self-funded music career failed to take off.

But full marks for having a go though, love. Who doesn't love a tryer?

And Heidi has also had extensive plastic surgery which was ignored for most of The Hills' duration - despite her appearance changing so drastically during the show's lifetime - and then in the last series it was finally acknowledged.

"I want to look like Barbie," she says, tearfully, to her mystified mum, in this bewildering interview clip below.

Spencer and Heidi: we probably won't ever understand them, and you can see they're not all bad - but they are, quite probably, completely crazy.

And for that we salute you.

Then we run and hide.

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