Thursday, 10 January 2013

Spiral: Date set for series 4 on BBC Four?

Prepare to be roughed up by borderline unconventional policing methods while wishing you paid more attention to your French GCSE, because the new series of Spiral is due back on BBC Four this February.

The channel says it has provisionally scheduled the fourth season to begin its 12 episode run following the completion of Borgen, which would mean a likely start date of Saturday February 9.

If this is confirmed it would also mean we should whizz through the series in six weeks, if BBC Four continue to show the episodes in pairs - as now seems to be the format for foreign language drama in the 9pm slot.

Series 4, which finished airing on France's Canal + channel last October, has been a long time coming for UK followers of the show, also known as Engrenages - series 3 was first shown here back in April 2011.

And for this run it's likely we can expect just as much rumble tumble as before, as we see how Laure copes with her move to a new policing unit in pursuit of a violent ultra-left organisation targeting the Gendarmerie of Paris, while other run-ins between the lawyers and the police amid double dealing and divided loyalties and mixed motives are also quite likely.

And Jos├ęphine Karlsson and Laure will probably call each other 'a bitch' at some point too. We don't know for sure though; we haven't seen it yet. But it's a fair bet, isn't it.

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