Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Made in Chelsea: Sometimes only Mark Francis being posh and saying 'darling!' a lot will do

'But we're in the Royal Borough!'

Ooh look, it's a video of Mark-Francis from Made in Chelsea that purports to contain 'his best bits'.

And whatever happened to his friend Gabilicious anyway?

And here he is doing other stuff; the basic 'concept' is that he's giving the great unwashed (ie us) a chance to have a look around his house and see him 'at work' during a typical day.

Essentially, we learn he has a lot of curtains and that 'everyday has to start with lunch'.

You may want to punch him by the end of it to be honest, which shows, if nothing else, how the editors of Made in Chelsea 'proper' actually manage to do quite a good job in making him posh and amusing and not posh and ever-so-slighty grating.

Good grief.

Still, Made in Chelsea series 5 is probably back in the spring of 2013, by the way. And you can read much more about what tv-ooh thought of previous episodes, including series 4, here on our very special page.

Much more on Made in Chelsea on tv-ooh's very own special page, complete with Champagne

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