Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Oh dear I haven't updated this blog very much lately have I? Sorry...

Of course, I'm not really that sorry. I'm not sorry at all. So sorry for the fake apology.

You see, the thing about blogging about television is that it never seems to end.

And not only does blogging about television sometimes suck all the fun out of the programme you might have enjoyed watching, there are always more programmes to watch, more blog posts to write, and, before you know it, you'd rather go to bed and read a book.

And as this is tv-ooh and not book-ooh, that would hardly do at all. So why am I telling you this?

Why should you be concerned about a mini-crisis of a blogging/television nature?

Well, quite simply, you shouldn't be, because firstly it's not a mini-crisis - it's probably just an empty stomach because I've not yet had any lunch - and secondly any blogger who writes a post bemoaning what an absolute ball-ache it is having to blog about stuff should jolly well shut his or her cake hole.

Or go blog about something else.

Or perhaps this is an elaborate cry for help: a weak, outstretched arm into the so-called 'blogsphere' for some help and support in finding and keeping the blogger mojo.

But really, this is just a post to say hello again. And yeah, I didn't blog very much in February. Or for any of March. And now we're in April, but that's ok, I might blog some more - a comedy series called Parks and Recreation on BBC Four is very good, and I've just finished watching the boxset of Battlestar Galatica which was also very good, so it's not like I've got nothing to say - but then again I might not. Except I will of course. You know it, I knows it. We all knows it.

Eeeee I've just spent several minutes googling images of tv static to go at the top of this post.

Welcome back tv-ooh, sorry I've been too busy doing other stuff to keep you updated.


  1. How many letters did you receive from people wondering where tv-ooh had gone?

  2. More than you ever get when you're broadcasting 'on air' my friend ;)