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Homeland series 3 episode 8: So many, many questions but Brody is back

Last seen locked in a windowless room in a half-finished tower block in Venezuela that's, like, actually a real thing*, the surprise appearance of a red-eyed and semi-conscious Brody at the end of the latest Homeland was both a relief and a shock. He's looked better, if truth be told.

But the question, as always, is: what's next?

Is Brody now hooked on crack to stop him from trying to flee from his prison in the sky? And, having had to shun all self-hygiene, would Carrie still want him? (Yes).

More pressingly, how did Saul know he was there? Who has he been speaking to, and why didn't we know about it? Does his sneakiness even exclude the viewers of the programme he's in, as well as the other characters he's surrounded by? So it would seem.
Carrie, with a gun.
"CIA agent on maternity leave" will not great drama make

But the point, of course, is that we're probably not meant to know yet, which is why we don't. We can only hope it delivers to some sort of climax - unlike any of Dana's subplots.

Despite these questions, Homeland is now undoubtedly back on top form. From the gruesome assassination of thingy's (ie Javadi's) ex-wife in episode 6 (glassed in the neck with a broken bottle - I couldn't watch, not even when I rewound that bit twice) and his apparent 'turning'; to the strange behaviour of Mira's dashing lover, who has now not only broken into her and Saul's love nest but also replaced their computer's mouse with an identical one that's also (probably) a bug - at least it'd better be, otherwise what would be the point, did it just have a slightly smoother roll; less fluff?

All this mystery just means the stakes are increasingly increasing.

But WHO IS HE AND WHAT DOES HE WANT? And, given that we've already seen him semi-naked (his first scene, in a hotel bedroom with Mira in episode 7), does this also mean he's another good-looker who we can't trust but who we will eventually learn to both trust and like (see Quinn).

Therefore can a largely pointless shower scene be on its way for no other reason than just because?

Largely pointless shower scene of Quinn, Homeland episode 7:
Thank you, the internet
But the biggest plus point as we near the end of season three is the absence of Dana - now moved out and doing her own thing with a friend we've never met before.

Her name's still in the opening credits so it's likely she'll return before the season's done (she does) but a break from her dead-end trials and tribulations are a blessed relief.

And while Carrie's pregnancy sometimes feels like a slightly irritating step sideways plot-wise (a CIA agent on maternity leave is probably not great drama, even though Carrie would work up to month eight-and-a-half and want to give birth in her car) it feels like it's another self-defeating (if accidental) move for Carrie, or, rather, the scriptwriters.

Like, I don't know, her rushing in to try and stop the murder of the man who moved the car involved in the Langley bombing and nearly jeopardising the whole operation, say, while the victim was then promptly dissolved in the bath by acid.

But Carrie, now with a bullet wound to her shoulder, will likely recover from her shooting as quickly as Brody (presumably) will from his addiction and malnutrition over in Venezuela.

The hope is that Saul's remembered his beard trimmer and batteries while he's in Caracas - facial hair like his soon gets out of control.

Although judging by the look of Brody, his empty shell of a room still somehow includes a suicide-proof razor.

It's the little things.

*It's called the Tower of David and this is an interesting article all about it

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