Monday, 20 January 2014

Battlestar Galatica: Its first UK free-to-air showing shouldn't be missed, to be honest

Watching the first few episodes of the epic last-humans-in-space drama Battlestar Galatica, having binged on a box set of the entire series during the summer of 2012 - popped on an episode or two in between watching the Olympics, I did - is perhaps the ultimate in dramatic irony.

You know exactly what's coming, but the characters you're watching have absolutely no idea what lies in store.

And knowing how everything unfolds in the show, now getting its first UK free-to-air showing on digital channel Pick (Freeview channel 11), every Monday at 9pm (and a repeat on Saturdays at 11pm), makes it all the more interesting to go back to the start, and watch it at the rate of an episode a week.

And tv-ooh can say it is definitely, definitely worth sticking around.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Bridge II: 3 & 4 - The eco-terrorists are dead but someone's still not done with the animal heads

It's never nice, or indeed very normal, to be pleased someone's died, but in story-terms the death of the four eco-terrorists in The Bridge was a relief. Now we can, at least, stop worrying about orphan Linus' childcare at the hands of his under-pressure elder brother Niklas, who was too busy being forced into trouble by group leader Mads.

We trust Linus is now safe and within the care of Copenhagen social services - and will never be heard of again.

It was a shock to have them killed off so soon, but right - anymore of mad Mads and Mathilde and co, and they might have become irritating. And you can only watch so many home-made videos of people in animal heads before they lose their menace and just become annoying.

Although whoever is behind it all is getting them out again for another go.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Bridge II: Episodes 1 & 2 - More terrorists with a penchant for elaborate point-making theatre?

The second series of the gloomy Swedish/Danish police thriller The Bridge got off to a flying start didn't it - mainly because it was so inexplicably thrilling to see Saga and Martin back again.

Saga's still in that same long coat, those tatty leather trousers, and wearing the same blank expression while speeding about in her Porsche; meanwhile, Martin's come off a bit worse: his jeans appear tighter, his jacket's cropped shorter, and his beard's a bit greyer. If you didn't know better you'd think he's turned into a bit of bear-type.

Maybe it's the grief at losing his son August at the end of season one; maybe they've just got someone new in Wardrobe.

But what's so good, and also feels a bit surprising, is that the after-effects of season one are properly picked up and continued, rather than just head-noddingly acknowledged in the first five minutes before the adventures begin again.