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November 2013
Homeland series 3 episode 8: So many, many questions but Brody is back

May 2013
The Fall: Not a documentary about a famous US actress visiting the police of Northern Ireland

April 2013
Parks and Recreation on BBC Four is the best new four-year-old comedy on tv
Dogging Tales tells us that a KFC and an orange Tango is more fun than random outdoor sex
Oh dear I haven't updated this blog very much lately have I? Sorry...

March 2013
Erm, I was busy...

February 2013
Made in Chelsea: Sometimes only Mark Francis being posh and saying 'darling!' a lot will do
Doctor Who 50th anniversary: Can the fans' high expectations be met?
People Like Us: Old ladies pee in bins but is the show burdened by the 'reality' tag?

January 2013
IT'S SNOWING! STOP THE WORLD! Who fancies a game of tv news snow bingo?
Borgen series 2: Kim the driver unblocks Birgitte's sink, but her divorce still feels a bit wrong
HMV: A great place to go and browse for stuff before buying it online
Celebrity Big Brother: Spencer and Heidi - who are they and what do they want?
Spiral: Date set for series 4 on BBC Four?
Spartacus - Gods of the Arena: 'You'll go out and wonder why men aren't all wearing dirty-grey loin cloths'
EastEnders: Why are Tanya and Kirsty fighting over Max anyway?
Ripper Street: Gruesome and grim but with a vivid style and some 'cockernee' charm

Made in Chelsea series 4: The winners, the losers, and the all-out chumps...
The Killing III: Sarah Lund's gone to Iceland but there are still questions needing answers
Doctor Who: Are the Cybermen the vainest lifeform in the universe? (Yes, yes they are)
TOWIE live: 'Structured' reality without the structure creates an actual shambles

The Killing III: We don't remember this 'scene' from episode 2 do you?
The Hour series 2: Anyone fancy a cigarette?
Homeland: The only relief is that the Dana sub-plot is finally making sense but we still can't relax
The Killing III: Has everyone stopped going on about the jumper yet?

Revenge: Season 1 was quite good but will season 2 just be like Revenge: The Revenge?
Hunted: Who is the mole, and is there even a mole? Are we sure it's just not lots of guns?

Oh dear - this Doctor Who NZ promo poster probably wasn't made by a fan was it ;)
The Great British Bake Off: Everyone's an armchair baker now
Sarah Beeny's Double Your House... Never underestimate the power of the Beeny
Doctor Who - A Town Called Mercy: Fancy that - a self-reflective cyborg killer in a cowboy hat
Good Cop: Not what we expected, but we like it for it
Revenge: Which character needs the most psychological help do you think?
Doctor Who - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship review: 'Part comedy romp, part genocide-wreaking villian'
Doctor Who - Asylum of the Daleks review: An 'all-guns-blazing season opener' + surprise

August 2012
Doctor Who: It's fair to say none of these characters will be in the new series
Paralympics opening ceremony: Nice apples, but where was the parachuting senior Royal?
The Accused: Jimmy McGovern does the wicked stepmother in Stephen's Story
Made in Chelsea series four: This is what we know
London 2012 Olympics: Twelve things we're missing about the Olympics on tv
BBC Panorama: Introducing the new Panorama-matrix-machine-pad graphics interface thing
Accused: Anyone order a Sean Bean in drag?
London 2012 Olympics: A generally quite positive review of the closing ceremony including inevitable Spice Girls reference

July 2012 (July was a quiet month, alright)
London 2012 Olympics: So was that opening ceremony one of the best tv shows ever? YES IT WAS
London 2012 Olympics: Edie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous in amusing 'in character' interview
Blackout: 'A stylishly bleak urban-frown drama'

June 2012
Idle speculation and uninformed pondering about the title of the first episode of the new Doctor Who series
A magazine about soap operas has decided this scene from EastEnders' 'Sharongate' storyline is the best soap scene of the last 20 years
Spartacus: Blood and Sand: 'Lashings of saucy romping here there and everywhere'
Mark Wright's Hollywood Nights: Episode 2 - We're sort of having quite a good time, despite ourselves
True Love: No script, some drama, Tennant/Piper tv reunion opportunity missed, probably for best
Spiral II on BBC Four: There's quite a lot to take in isn't there
Revenge: We're worried about Sammy the dog
Mark Wright's Hollywood Nights: 'A kind of lads on holiday-styled 'structured reality' fry-up'
Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 10: No cat fight but lots of unanswered questions as Cheska discovers she quite suits 'big hair'

May 2012
The Bridge episodes 9 & 10: 'A nagging sense of unease' and some very accomplished striding
Made in Chelsea Series 3 episode 7: And on the seventh day God created Francis
Daybreak: Aled Jones recruited, Richard Arnold returns. Shall we do a 'LOL'? Shall we?
The Bridge: Episodes 7 & 8 - That 'software salesman' better not be who he says he is
This man and his boyfriend were on Phil Spencer: Secret Agent and this is him telling us about it (and he says Phil is quite charming)
Made in Chelsea: Series 3 episode 6 - Off to Chelsea-on-sea, but we can't take Ollie
The Bridge: Episode 5 & 6 - Who IS the killer - Ake, Stefan or... Martin (or someone else)?
Homeland: Series 1 episode 12 - We're quite glad he didn't blow himself up as it goes
The Killing (US) series 2: We really, really needed a re-cap
Ooh I say... EastEnders' Dot Branning is going off for six months
The Bridge: Episode 3 and 4 - A furrowed brow, a creepy atmosphere and some quite nice interiors

April 2012
Made in Chelsea: Series 3 episode 4 - A pardy just for the sake of a pardy
The Bridge: Grimly fascinating Danish/Swedish crime thriller with a killer who's good at PR
Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve: Absolutely, definitely not a holiday
Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 3: Basically just girls in underwear
Four in a bed: 70% less interesting than the name promises; great for nit-pickers
2 Broke Girls: 'We wanted to actually try to do a show where people deal with rent'
The Undateables: A documentary about people who we think 'don't' date, dating
Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 2: Cheska vs Gabs, Spencer vs Jamie, Jamie vs his sunglasses - MIC is back on form
BBC Breakfast in Salford: An appeal for calm at this difficult time
The Syndicate: If we don't have a lottery win to hope for, what else is there?!
Homeland: Well that'll teach her to take her men-folk back to the country cabin, won't it
The Apprentice: So who's your favourite so far (and by favourite we mean irritant)?
Made in Chelsea: Series 3 episode 1 - It's back! But no more Caggie/Spencer, cheers
Doctor Who: So what does that picture Moffatt tweeted of the 1960s Dalek actually tell us?
Titanic on ITV1: "But I'm telling you important plot points that will refer to key moments later!"

March 2012
The Voice UK: Entertaining, yes; but how long can the 'voice-only' judgements last? Eh?
Oh! Ben in EastEnders: Why are you and other gay soap teens basically a bit crazy?
Upstairs Downstairs: So that was series 2, but will there be a series 3? UPDATE: NO 
Made in Chelsea series 3 official trailer: But what does it all MEAN? And where is Binky?
Upstairs Downstairs: Series 2 episode 5: War is coming.. via cook's Lady Fingers
Nazi Titanic: A documentary about a little-known Nazi version of the Titantic story
Homeland: Key points from an interview with its writers and creators Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa
Upstairs Downstairs series 2 episode 2: Dinners, oysters and violet macaroons

February 2012
Made in Chelsea series 3 starts on March 26 and this is what we know
Homeland episode 2: Who can we trust, and is that Lynne doomed or what?
Pan Am: Will it be back for season two?
The Only Way is Essex - series 4: The good, the bad and the ugly
The Cleveland Show: "A strong sense of the nonsensical and bizarre," apparently
Upstairs Downstairs: Hello I'm back and it's the 1930s and I'm quite posh
Homeland: It's all in the finger tapping, probably
EastEnders: Mandy vs Lucy and the strange pleasure of a quick plot recap from 20 years ago
The Fabulous Baker Brothers: Less 'rivalry' and scripted banter, but we'd still eat your pies
Being Human: Series 4 - blood and gore and slit throats with quips

January 2012
Borgen: Episode 3 and 4 - The dramatic unexpectedness of Greenland. Greenland!
Let's all start wishing for series three of Sherlock now shall we?
Let's see if this clip from The Simpsons can't cheer us all up for a few seconds eh?
The Hotel: A comedy documentary about a man who likes ketchup and gravy at the same time
A commercial interlude with some ladies dancing a bit; then some kids; then some men
Is it me or is the prospect of a new series of Shameless just a little bit 'meh'?
Borgen: Good news for fans of passive Danish language learners who like a multi-layered plot

December 2011
Merry Christmas from tv-ooh to you and you and you
Well I can't think why anyone would want to watch Shipwrecked can you?
Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011: Idle speculation and excitable conjecture; a trailer
AMAZEBALLS*! How much is tv-ooh looking forward to Christmas?
Trapped, abandoned or dead: So how might Amy Pond leave Doctor Who then?
The Slap episode 8 review - Richie: an ending, of sorts, but the right one
Charlie's Angels: Is it really that bad?
Pan Am: Melodrama hits a new high; gets taken off air. Ho dear
Two lost 60s Doctor Who episodes found: Fans thrilled, then a bit disappointed ;)
More lost 1960s Doctor Who episodes found? BFI event gives a hint...
The Slap episode seven review - Aisha: Another part of the jigsaw
The Slap episode 6 review - Manolis: It's all still quite bleak...

November 2011
Desperate Scousewives: There's something beneath all the fake tan (but it's likely to be just more fake tan)
Ooh it's Saturday night! Hands up who fancies a bit of densely-plotted Danish crime drama with subtitles?
The Slap episode 5 review - Rosie: confusing sympathies in the toughest episode yet
James Landale on BBC News: That thing on your top lip better be for charity sunshine
Made in Chelsea: Series two episode ten - Champagne, fireworks and, like, FIREWORKS
Who, exactly, cares who the presenters of Daybreak are...
The Slap episode four review: Connie - this week it's a coming of age drama, with scenes in a vets
Pan Am: Enough going on to really take off. DO YOU GET IT?
The Only Way is Essex - series three review: where is we at?
The Slap episode three review - Harry: TV drama as washing machine (in a good way)
Doctor Who movie: an appeal for calm at this confusing time
EastEnders' Yusef: the stare, the suits, the walk, the man. TERRIFYING
Chronic X Factor Fatique Syndrome is here, but less so on the Sunday
Only on Sky News: St Paul's demonstrators compared to Nazi occupation of France
The Slap episode two review - Anouk: It was good; we liked it
The Slap: Where logic and emotion collide, sort of, at a barbecue

October 2011
Kirstie's Handmade Britain: A man called Tony made a paper PC out of maps of Wales
Made in Chelsea series 2 episode 6 - Binky and Cheska: Do we call them Bheska? Or what?
Southland: a cop show that's really quite arresting (DO YOU SEE?)
The Only Way is Essex: Maria's "worst week"; reality redefined (again); and a flppin' colonic for Arg. Give me strength
A conversation between Joanna Lumley and her agent about a documentary in Greece
If I allowed sweary language on this site I'd be profanin' like biatch right now
God almighty it's times like this I wish I had Sky
X Factor: Can we send the judges home, let the thing run itself?
Fix those grins dancers; dust off that old joke book Bruce: it's Strictly Come Dancing!
When Spooks finishes, can everyone PLEASE take some holiday please, thanks

September 2011
So did the Doctor Who Confidential film crew capture the meeting in which it was decided to cancel Doctor Who Confidential
Waterloo Road isn't a school but a place for actors and kids to do soapy stuff and quip a lot
An inexplicably serious and thoughtful review of The Only Way is Essex series 3 episode 1
Paula Abdul saw a man's willy on US X Factor and it made her sick; here he'd be a celebrity
71 Degrees North: More than just work for jobless actors and presenters, but only slightly
Downton Abbey series 2 episode 1 review? More like SOPHORIFIC Abbey! LOL ;) Er...
Made in Chelsea series 2 episode 1: Feminism look away, it's "women as cake"
Doctor Who - The God Complex review: Nice touch with the Nimon as it all gets good again
Made in Chelsea is back on September 19 and with five new cast members who look like this
Surgery soap Doctors goes a bit Waking the Dead; solves a murder in no time; all turns out nice
Hollyoaks Later needs to be racier otherwise it's a wasted opportunity with pert bare buttocks
Watching too much Danish crime drama is like really bumming me out, man

August 2011
Absolutely Fabulous: A welcome comeback, but was it ever that funny?
Homes Under the Hammer: An ode to the daytime property auction show
Doctor Who: Lets Kill Hitler review - the only River in the, er, River, is a River?
EastEnders: "I want pizza and I want Hazell Dean!"
Celebrity Big Brother: Not all celebrities, but good to have it back (sort of)
The Killing (Forbrydelsen): Familiar, but different - and knitwear fetish intact
Seven Dwarves: Stuck in panto when you want to be Robert De Niro
EastEnders: Zoe Lucker's Vanessa and her white trouser loses plot; shoe; shouts a lot
The Tudors: Your Majesty is really spoiling us with your costume drama nonsense your Majesty
Sarah Beeny's Village SOS: It's all about the fougasse
Nighty Night: Series 3 may be coming; good news for fans of the demented
Doctor Who: Episodes 8 - 11 trailer: 8 fatuous observations
The Hour: Would we like it more if it was about The One Show?

July 2011
Sugartown: lost in the schedules where no-one will watch (or is that the idea?)
The Killing: is that relentless rain ever going to stop or what
John Barrowman: "John Barrowman"
Oh, Pam St Clement (Pat in EastEnders): What are your post-soap options?
Torchwood - Miracle Day: It's back, and so are Russell T Davies interviews. How marvellous!

June 2011
The Apprentice: Tom should have gone, Melody and Zoe should wrestle
Angry Boys: this review contains the words 'pathos', 'Neighbours' and 'casserole'
Made in Chelsea: Series 1 - a verdict *awkward pause, hair toss, pouty look*
Luther: dark detective drama with a dimmer switch; grimly exciting; no jokes
Made In Chelsea: Episode 6 - 'Interesting use of the carrots - and the bananas'
The Shadow Line: Amazingly terrifying, and by someone who is mad, possibly
Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War review - 'Epic', 'Blimey', 'Quips'

May 2011
Made in Chelsea: Episode 1 - 'a winner on the lustrious hair front'
Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane: Andy Pandy outfits in space
Only Way Is Essex: Series two - a verdict: the winners, the losers
Casualty: ‘real time’ episode – ‘we’ve got a stedicam!’
Bin Laden death reporting frenzy: "It's like 24!"

April 2011
Eurovison: Blue's campaign trail - "We've been to Azerbaijan"
William and Kate's royal wedding: a hunt for excitement
Candy Cabs: Women are great; men are not
Nurse Jackie: Received wisdom IS WRONG
Doctor Who trailer: this is quite exciting and momentarily diverting

March 2011
Christopher And His Kind: Glad it wasn't Tom Baker
Only Way Is Essex: the dumbed down, dumbed down

February 2011
Silk: Legal-themed drama in wigs; too busy for lunch
Secret Diary of a Call Girl: strangely comforting; great hair
Outcasts: looks great, plot running late, patience a bonus

January 2011
The Tudors: Verily, my Lord is so modern!
National Television Awards: Dermot/Doctor great, everything else ho-hum
Artic with Bruce Parry: What's not to love?
Nigel Slater's Toast: Not about Nigel Marven

December 2010
Benidorm: Christmassy and bawdy yes, but moving? Really?
Upstairs Downstairs: When 'downstairs' pretend they're 'up'
Kerry Katona's new life on the telly. Uh oh ;)
Corrie's 'spectacular' 50th: Look out it's a bloody great tram
Steve Coogan in The Trip: Not 'a c**t'
Only Way Is Essex: Reality/drama hybrid wins heart, confuses mind